4.5 5 0 239 239 Iconic Australian snacking brand Arnott's has partnered with Australia's favourite spread to create this legendary new snack.
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Crowd pleaser!
Always intrigued when the next person does a Vegemite flavour, so was keen to try these shapes. Despite being a Vegemite fan to begin with, I couldn’t believe how good these were! A great snack
Vegemite Bite
Bought these last weekend, always sold out but finally got some, crunchy and yummy great snack
Aussie as it gets
Pretty damn good, the taste of Australia, Shapes, Vegemite and cheese as Aussie as it gets
Cheese and vegemite snacks
My son bought these usual combination in biscuits. I tasted them ,not sure what i would be tasting. Nice taste,not too strong tasting on a nice biscuits. Ate them over a few days . I left them in original box and they still stayed fresh and didn't go soggy
shapes vegemite and cheese
Bought these for an Australia day party. Were a bit hit and miss, some loved them, some not fussed. They were all eaten though.
Little Bite of Oz
I bought these for the novelty value and was very surprised how tasty they were. Hope they continue to produce them.
These are so yum and even a little addictive it’s hard to stop once you start.... very enjoyable
Vegemite yum
Tried these with the whole family, wasn’t sure if they would be bitter but they were so yum. We have now bought another box.
surprisingly good
did not think i would like these but it just reminds me of the taste of vegemite and cheese on saladas! could have more of a cheesy taste but still tastes good
Loved it
The whole family loved it. Was nervous when I bought it but the vegemite taste was not at all overpowering. Would purchase again.
One word yum, it has a very nice cheesy Vegemite taste with no bitterness even leaves seasoning on fingers, awesome.
By far the best Shapes flavour yet
These Vegemite Shapes are by far the boldest, most delicious, most more-ish flavour of Shapes yet. I am gutted they were only a Limited Release. When they hit the clearance area of my local supermarket, I may have purchased a couple of boxes. Ok, so I may have purchased 8 boxes. They are (were) just that good.
got all the vegemite flavours but a tad bit too salty for my taste. Kiddies loves it though
yum yum
they are so good, I gave my parents some and they took the box, they are really good
Bring 'em back
Was a bit worried about these as sometimes Vegemite can come through strong. I really loved the taste of these, even with a dip they were great too. As a snack on their own were good too. Wish these were available all the time.

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