4.8 5 0 45 45 Banana Boat After Sun Aloe Gel contains aloe vera which gives you the cooling and soothing after sun relief you need, and softens your skin. It can be used to soothe minor burns, skin irritations, dry, rough and sunburnt skin.
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Banana boats aloe Vera after sun is excellent. It really soothes after too much sun exposure. And really cools if you keep it in the fridge. Definitely first choice for my family when it comes to after sun
Summer saviour
A must have for Summer sun burns, and every day burn treatment too!
Cooling gel
This is a great gel to use after sun because it immediately cools my skin down. It is non sticky and makes my skin feel better as soon as using it.
So cooling and soothing
It's been a while since I've been burnt but this is my top picks of products out there when in comed to help soothe and heal my sore sunburnt skin. It glides on and I get instant relief.
Essential Holiday Item
This product is perfect to take on holidays and effective. An easy product to put on the kids quickly when they need it.
A essential in my bathroom
I love this product and have been using it for years. I buy a bottle every summer to help cool down my sunburn. It reduces the pain and redness much better than any other brand I've tried.
A lifesaver
I have very pale skin and although I’m often careful, I’ve been burnt pretty badly in the past. This product feels so nice on burnt skin - it cools it instantly and takes the sting out. I use it every 30 minutes if it’s a bad burn - but it really makes a difference!
Excellent after sun care
I love this! Great for after sun care or general moisturizing in warmer weather
its alcohol scent is too strong
it does soothe and calm the sunburnt skin. but its alcohol scent is too strong, i don't really like it.
Best after sun relief!
I always have this in the cupboard. It absorbs well, gives burn relief and I don't usually end up peeling when I use this.
Really cooling on my burnt skin and not sticky to apply at all. Like the smell too. Very moisturising
Soothing on bad sunburn
One of the better products when you have been out in the sun. The cooling effect really helps with the pain associated to sunburn. I find it also helps get rid of sunburn faster when applied several times in the 48 hours after.
Fantastic product! Works wonders on sunburns. We definitely keep a bottle stored in the fridge.
after sun aloe vera
a summer staple. works a treat, keeps skin cool and moist.
Fantastic cool relief for sunburn!
This gives great relief to sunburn, and leaves the skin feeling cool, as well as moisturising (as well as can be expected with sunburn!) and easing the pain of sunburn.

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