4.6 5 0 102 102 Get to grips with Batiste Original. Adored by innovators and originators, it's the classic dry shampoo fragrance for hair that smells as good as it looks.
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Always a reliable go to product
This product is effective, smells great the packaging is lovely. An Easy product to find whenever I need it. Would like to see this product as certified Vegan.
Always a winner
I've been using this dry shampoo for years now and it always works - the smell is great, it adds a nice amount of texture, and successfully covers up greasiness/roots in-between washes.
Definitely the best dry shampoo I have tried. It does exactly what it says it does and makes my hair feeling and smelling amazing. Definitely recommend for any busy mother that doesn't have the time for fixing your hair
Dry Shampoo
The original and best Dry Shampoo, excellent to absorb oil from the scalp, leaves a fresh scent and adds volume.
Great refresher on the go
Love this brand and product. Great to refresh hair inbetween washes, smells great and takes away the oily look! I buy only it when it’s on special and stock up as it can be pricey
Amazing dry shampoo- would recommend
This dry shampoo is great! it makes your oily dull hair go to looking fresh and ready to be styled! Perfect product to use for those times when you are time poor and cannot wash your hair! Pop some dry shampoo through your roots and your hair instantly looks and feels less oily
Love this
My go-to product to help stretch out the time between hair washes. Not only does it help maintain clean hair for an extra day or two but it also provides excellent texture for styling. Love it.
Good Stuff
Fabulous product! not only does it help with between washes but great for helping to prepare hair for styling.
Great product for in-between days!
Love this stuff. Saves me washing hair every second day. Does not leave a build up and there is even one for brunettes which is fantastic too.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
I use dry shampoo regularly as I have oily hair. I've tried many different types. This is a good one! Lovely scent and removes oil. Only dislike for me is that it looks a bit powdery in my hair as i have dark brown hair. There is another batiste dry shampoo for brunettes which I tend to buy more often
Essential Hair Product
I love this product, it leaves no residue on your hair so you can't tell if you've used it. It's fantastic for my super fine hair as it gets rid of greasy roots but is also great on clean hair to give it some body.
I love this product! I have very long hair so washing it is a pain. When I just can’t be bothered I use this bad boy and the best part is you can’t even tell that I used it. Would definitely recommend.
Life saver
When I travel or when I just dont have time to wash my hair, this is a life saver. It doent leave any white layer so nobody can tell i’ve used it. It smells like a baby powder
Great product for inbetween washes!
This product is such a life saver! Gets rid of any oily looking roots that start to show between washes. Only downside is that the colour is white, which can sometimes be a problem on dark hair if you use too much. There is a brunette option though, which is a great solution.
Lazy Days
Somedays you just can't be bothered - that's when this product really gets the day started. I absolutely swear by this brand and product, easy to blend in so there are never any white patches on brunette hair. leaves me feeling fresh and light!

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