4.5 5 0 8 8 Colgate Total Charcoal Dental Floss for improved mouth health. An important part of your daily oral hygiene routine.
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Not Bad
The charcoal seems to flake off a little on the hands, but I have found that this one does not shred as badly as others. No strong taste.
Not really worth it.
Does not really help. Best advice is to leave toothpaste on for few minutes more to really get benefits. Uncomfortable at first until you get use to it!
better teeth
I have always used the normal dental floss as once I had tried a minty one and this seemed to hurt my teeth..Vowing never to change from my normal one I was encouraged to try the chorcoal one..Well now I will be using this one only..felt cleaner and much less hurtful when used.
Easy to use, pleasant tasting
Easy to use and easy to store. Pleasant tasting. Lasts a while also
Best on the market, here's why...
This has so far been the best hygeine product I have come across within the Australian market, very easy on the teeth, thin enough to gently go through the teeth without any distress but strong enough to not break once tightened. Definitely a must have for the ever day Australian household.
Absolutely love it!
This is the best product I have ever used. Normally when I floss the string tends to break. This had a sturdy tough string and I found did it’s job perfectly. 100% would recommend to any buyers out there looking for their new dental floss.
Very good!
I like the charcoal mint flavour. It slides easily between my teeth without shredding my gumbs. It's good quality floss.
Very good
I have used this product a few times and it's very good. I need to get some more. 10/10

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