4.4 5 0 13 13 Did you know that your intimate skin has a lower pH to all your other skin? The low pH of the intimate area helps protect against irritation and this can be upset by ordinary washes, soaps and shower gels. Femfresh products are clinically tested by gynaecologists and dermatologists to care for your intimate skin. Sensitive Wash with lactic acid and aloe is specially formulated for those with sensitive skin. This gentle, hypoallergenic wash is also fragrance, soap and paraben free.
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Gentle and Fresh
I love this product. It's very gentle and doesn't irritate me but it leaves me feeling clean and fresh. Much better for a sensitive area than soap or body gel.
Smells great
I actually really liked this product. I got it in my bounty bag when I was pregnant and used it after my baby was born. It wasn't something I would have ever bought before and I really enjoyed using it and need to buy some as just rsn out last week. It's refreshing and gentle formulation helps me ferl clean and i know its gentle on my skin.
Brilliant product. Highly recommended. Leaves me feeling fresh clean n healthy
fresh feeling
light textured product leaving you feel clean and fresh without irritation
Very Gentle
A nicely perfumed sensitive area wash. Causes no irritation at all
Fresh and clean wash
This is good for sensitive skin. It washes well and is fragrance free. It lathers well. I really like this
I love how this product is sensitive to the skin and can clean the area properly it works well
I never knew I needed this product until I used it. I felt fresh and knew I smelt fresh as well.
Not sure if its just me but made me dry up and become fairly itchy from dry skin. Their other products are awesome though
Good product
I prefer a feminine wash with cranberry extract but this is a good product, especially for sensitive skin.
great personal product
A great personal product that you know is safe for your private parts
Skin dried out
My skin dried out so I wasn’t able to use it like it was meant to be used. May be better suited to young women but that’s just an opinion.
This product makes me feel amazing and refreshed after I use it

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