2.8 5 0 12 12 Just twist to release the rich fragrance within and set the intensity by adjusting the lid. With a variety of scents to choose from, it's the perfectly practical way to add continuous fragrance to your home.
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Glade smells great
I have a lot of Glade Solid Air Freshers. I put them on the floor at the back of the toilet so it always smells great, Also use in walk-in-robe for the wonderful smells
Not Ideal
This product is great smelling only for a couple of days. The Nice smell does not last long enough and although it is a cheap option the amount you would have to buy to keep the area smelling nice makes it not cost effective.
Good for cat room!
I keep one of these in the room where my cat litter lives. It’s low cost and covers up the litter smell really well. Don’t get me wrong, I clean and replace the litter daily but a fresh poop can be offensive without some defence!
Solidly Fresh
Great value for money. I have purchased a couple since the first as the scent is lovely and long lasting. They are great to pop in your wardrobe to keep clothes smelling fresh. Value for price
Does the job
My parents have always used these!! Great smelling but could last longer
Sweet smelling but not for long
I assumed being the brand name Glade, the quality would be really good. I do like the air freshener sprays by Glade. This isn't cheap product and when the freshener is first opened the smell is strong but it doesn't last long. After two weeks I found the freshener was all gone. It is nice to start with but for the price, it should last for a longer time. I haven't bought it again
Smells great
I’ve been buying these for a few years now. There are a number of different scents, the clean linen is the best one though. Smells fresh and clean and no sprays needed. Just opened it and place it somewhere and it does it’s thing. Easy!
This is my all time favourite scent to have around the house. It’s just a beautiful clean scent that works all year around. This product is such a great idea but i find that the strength of the smell does not last long at all,especially for the price you pay. I would expect this to last at least a good month but I’m lucky to get a week from it.
Ok for a little while
These are great at the start but after you have them for around a week maybe two the smell starts to fade. They shouldn't advertise as long lasting if your left with more then half of the waxy stuff and it doesn't smell anymore
Smells pretty when you first open it but it has NO throw and it all dries up within 24 hours Sorry Very poor quality and NOT worth it
Smells nice for the first few hours
This is really no better than the el cheapo ones from the discount stores.. It smells lovely when first opened and the fragrance is consistant for that day but after that, forget it.. Hopeless and certainly not worth the money
Ideal for smaller rooms.
These smell lovely but it seems once the air hits them they dehydrate pretty quickly and the fragrance isn't very noticeable.

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