4.9 5 0 16 16 A velvety dairy free ice cream, dipped in real chocolate and crunchy almond pieces. The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of an almond Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients.
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Great product
I was pleasantly surprised by how nice these tasted for a dairy free product. I would recommend them to anyone as being as nice as the original magnums.
These are amazing. Magnum got these so spot on, I recommend them to everyone. I prefer the new dairy free range to the originals. However I do feel the ice cream is slightly creamier in the Dairy Free Original variety.
Dairy free Magnem
I’m so happy they now have dairy free magnums, I think they taste very similar to normal magnums and would recommend them to any non dairy eater.
Absolutley fantastic!
Finally a dairy free icecream my hubby can eat! These taste amazing! My kids actually prefer these one to the original ones which is great. Love that not only the icecream part is creamy but the chocolate nut covering is delicious too. Been on sale quite a bit too so have stocked up!
Dairy Free Magnums at last!!!
I knew dairy free Magnums had been available in the UK for some time & I was really hoping they'd make it to Aus so I was excited when I saw them! For me they taste amazing. Sometimes dairy free ice-creams can have a strange texture but these are fine. My non-dairy free husband tried one & liked it too (but not as much as a 'real' Magnum!). I would recommend them to anyone on a vegan or dairy free diet as a yummy treat.
hurray a dairy free option
hurray a dairy free option for those who can't process dairy......only downside not big enough but wow filing
Yummy,fantastic product!!!
Magnum ice cream has finally caught up to the vegan and dairy free type products-it takes really nice and fills you up on a hot day and is easy on the belly!!! good work guys!!!
Magnum almond
Tried it like it ..its mouth watering will definitely buy again and gain
Non-dairy goodness
Magnum had always been one of my favourite ice creams and the non-dairy almond version they have created is just as good as the "original" version. Super creamy vanila ice cream inside with that thick chocolate & almond coating on the outside. Even my husband who loves his dairy thought that it was delicious too. I truly hope that Magnum expands the flavour range and ends up doing my favourite"original" version in the non-dairy one: ego caramel.
Finally! non-dairy YUMMY icecreams that look like the others, (important for the little ones) but the taste? - heavenly! I hope they become more common than the icecreams made from calf growth fluid
Smooth & Creamy
Love the smooth and creamy texture of the ice cream and the almond chocolate perfectly balances the sweetness of the ice cream. Definitely recommend this product.
These taste amazing lovely and creamy would definitely buy again
Tasty Treat
My son is Dairy Free and it's hard to find nice treats, this is exceptional. The dark chocolate shell and creamy ice cream centre is so tasty, my son just loves having his own special indulgent ice cream - thanks Magnum
Vegan junk food at it's finest
OMG these are the BEST! Bring it on on Vegan junk food rocks! Just hope the company becomes more ethical
Haven't tried this yet, but looks DELICIOUS. Right now my go to frozen desserts are mini B&J's, or Weiss bars. But definitely looking for this next time I'm in the grocery store.

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