3.6 5 0 13 13 Nature's Own Complete Sleep Advanced supplements contain 50% more Lactium with added hops to help calm the nerves and a racing mind to help you get to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed.
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would recommend
Very good natural product obviously not as good as pharmaceutical but the best you can get for natural productcs
Chronic insomniac
Well i wholeheartedly tried it with the hope that somehow i would get a relief from my chronic insomnia ....unfortunatly it didnt work for me ...i think maybe it would be more suited to someone suffering mild sleeping problems ...Marianne
the wife uses them she thinks its the best for a good nights sleep
Placebo offect or not? Either way it works!
The first time I tried this, I had the most amazing sleep if my life. Not sure if it was because I was so exhausted or if it was due in fact to this product. I have had some very good night's sleep using this product, but I have also had some average or normal night's sleep when using this. So not sure if my responses are because I want it to work (aka placebo effect) or not. It is based on Chinese herbal medicine that has been used for centuries, so surely it must be good.
Works well
It works well for me. I had to take it every night for 2 weeks to notice a significant benefit, but after that it really helped me get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.
sleep what sleep?
tried this product for nearly a month and it just didn't work for me didn't even nod off !!
Not a miracle by helps
I found this did actually help when taken consistantly every night at the same time. I also found it worked well in conjunction with a sleep hygiene plan. I am quite resistant to medication and struggle to even get a good sleep on script medication. This did not make me suddently drowsy but gave me a deeper and better quality sleep.
Waste of money
Pack stated take 2 tablets 30 minutes before going to sleep and if you wake during the night take another one. I did this and they did not help at all. Will not buy again
Did the job
I found the product helped me to get to sleep during stress.
I had to take more than one to relax me I found they really didnt help me sleep would not buy again
Works well
I bought this product when it was on special. I am glad that I have tried it because it helps me with my insomia. Compared to other sleeping aids, Nature's on has a tolerable sent and it does not give me head aches when i wake up. Highly recommended!
this really does work
I really like this natural alternative to getting to sleep. They really do work and I don't have trouble waking the next morning. The only negative I find is that the tabs are quite large so could be a problem to swallow for some people.
This is good
I have tried this advanced formula several times before and it does work, it works better than the other formula because this is the ADVANCED with extra ingredients in and its the extra ingredients that is the working of this tablet, the tablets are quite big and some may find them difficult to swallow, and they can get quite expensive if you don't buy them when they are on sale and even then they are sometimes not within my budget.

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