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Nature's Way Activated Charcoal Cleansing Action Capsules

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Combines activated charcoal in a base of apple cider vinegar and real lemon in one convenient capsule. Specially formulated to provide internal cleansing and make you feel lighter and revitalised.



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21/01/2019 Home Tested with free product

I’ve been using this product for multiple uses! Using the capsule to rid my body of toxins! Opening capsules and making facial wash! And also using on my teeth to return the white sparkle to them! This product is a staple in my cupboard! And you won’t regret it being one in yours 😍

Hadassah (RASMUSSEN)

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21/12/2018 Home Tested with free product

This is good, doesn’t stain amazing benefits for you. I would really recommend.

Michelle (South Mackay)

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14/11/2018 Home Tested with free product

I think i will be trying this, this week so I'll do a review after the course

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