4.8 5 0 60 60 No Vac is the revolutionary answer to unsavoury carpet smells. Simply spray a light foam over the carpet after vacuuming and leave to dry. Unlike conventional powders that sit on the surface, No Vac’s quick-drying foam penetrates deep into carpet fibres, instantly neutralising odours. You can see it work as it disappears into your carpet. In about 5 minutes your carpet is dry and your whole room smells naturally fresh and clean.
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I trust this product to clean and sanitise my carpets. Easy to use.
Love this product
With inside dogs I love using this product to help keep my house and furniture smelling fresh. I love how easy it is to use, just spray it on and off you go. Highly recommend
Great smell
I use this to deodorise and sanitise my dog's bed. It smells really great. Use sparingly as the foam comes out very thick and it takes a while to dry. I found it did not last very long however.
No Vac
I use this product regularly. Smells great and fresh like an overall clean. Unfortunately it does not act like a cleaning product though and only masks smells and keeps your room smelling great but only for a limited time.
One of the best
I used this product regularly. I had a naughty cat who often peed on the carpet. This product was a godsend. Cost effective, quick and so easy. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough!
Long lasting
Easy to use. Quick absorbing (works in just few secounds)
Pet odours
I use this product a lot. I have cats that sometimes use my carpet as a litter box and this is the only product I have found that removes the odour. Leaves the room smelly fresh and lovely.
life saver!
Having a 4 year old at home means dealing with A LOT of mess! We have had all kinds of ungodly things on our carpet over the last 4 years from toilet training mishaps to middle of the night chuck ups. This product never fails to keep our carpet smelling and feeling fresh plus it’s so easy to use!
Aroma plus
Great for a fresh kick of smell on your carpets, especially with two little dogs running about. Helps the whole house smell great. Not a lot needs to be used so a can goes a long way. Excellent value for money
Great for Vomit on the Carpetq
After having a floor covered with vomit i had to try a lot of products to get the smell out and this is one of the best
Great product
Love this product- I have pets and I find that this helps with the pet smells and leaves the carpet smelling fresh
Smells great
Smells great but doesn’t do a whole lot other than make the rug smell better for a few hours
The smell! :)
I have used this both on my rug and carpet and the smell is so nice! Fills the rooms which I really like and the no vacuum aspect makes it a winner for me.
Love this stuff very versatile
I use this on my car upholstery, as well as carpet. The smell is fantastic. No vaccuming needed and leaves a lovely smell, with no mess. The foam absorbes well and doesn't stain. Love this product I have been using it for years!
Fresh smell
No vac deodoriser leaves a long lasting fresh odour throughout the house for hours, I’m always getting compliments about the fresh smell from visitors

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