3.3 5 0 7 7 The sharp and mature taste of parmesan with the delicate sweetness of caramelised onions for an irresistibly rich, sweet and savoury flavour.
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Okay to try
These tasted okay, I bought to try them. They had medium flavour, I didn't really taste anything different to the others in the shop.
Tortilla or 3
Nice, great to taste something other than Salt and vinegar or chicken with a side of MSG. These did not disappoint couldn't stop at one or 2 thats for sure
Taste good for the very first bite
It was, quite a surprise, at the very first bite it was interesting, the taste compliment each other and everything was good, but not all good things continue. Exactly what this chip is, as soon as you bite into the next one the flavour of the parmesan disappeared, now you only taste caramelized onion. It was so sweet that it will make you puke. Not a good snack time buddy.
Deliciously moreish
Hard to stop at just one, these chips have a delicious gourmet cheese flavour with a great texture and really satisfies your chip cravings. Perfect to serve when entertaining or for a tasty treat
What can i say....hmmm
Well....they tasted stale. They tasted like cardboard. A good few minutes in the oven and i bet they would be great. I used them to make nachos with. Made them all nice and crispy and cheesy. The thought was there but something went wrong in my book. I searched the bag to make sure it didn’t have a whole in it but unfortunately they weren’t that good straight from the packet.
Not a fan
I love corn chips but unfortunately I did not enjoy these. Personally I didnt like the flavour.
Pretty good
A nice change. I am not a huge chip or tortilla snacker, but these are very moreish.

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