4.4 5 0 28 28 Non greasy, clinically proven heel balm designed to repair and relieve rough, dry and cracked skin.
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Heel & balm
I think this is a really good product for dry cracked feet. Leaves feet feeling smooth and soft after a 2 days of use. No improments good as it is. Very good for sore cracked feet
Excellent product
This is a great product for summer or winter. I use it before bed with socks.
Good results
I use under socks as I find it quite heavy, otherwise before bed so as to not walk it through the house. I use a pumice nightly to assist.
Good stuff
I use this with socks when my heels get a bit dry and it super heavy formula seems to help. I'm not sure if it help slough off dead skin with acids but I do pumice my heels before applying.
Works really good
I personally haven't used it but a close friend has and swears by it, works really good and non greasy.
Leaves my feet super smooth!
Being on my feet all day made my feet super sore and not in the best shape! I tried this product because my mum has it and I had heard good things and I loved it!!
The best
The best heel balm I have ever tried as it really works. Leaves my feet feeling so soft within a couple of days.
Great stuff!
A great product. My partner works in leather work shoes and this is great for his parched feet after long days at work. Put it on at night after a shower with some socks on and you're set!
Smooth heels
My mum orginally brought this product for me as my heels were very bad. With in a week I could see results. I'm so impressed how well it worked on very dry skin
Good cream that does work
This is a really good cream that does work but you need to apply it regularly and also works better if you use a pumice on the rough parts of your feet also then finish with the cream. Has a pleasant smell to it and is a good size.
Super soft heels
I used this product on my very cracked heels. And you could start to feel the difference in a day. My heels went from hard and cracked to smooth and soft. Definitely worth a try
Tired Teachers Feet
I am a chronic sufferer of cracked heals due to the climate I live in and being a teacher I’m on my feet all the time. My feet would crack to the point of bleeding but with this cream it smoothies out the cracks and alleviates my pain. I would not be without this product ever!
Nice smooth Heels
This Scholl Heel Balm Gold is perfect for cracked heels works really well leaving my heels nice and smooth I would recommend this product to everyone who suffers from cracked heels you will not be disappointed
Smooth heels
Had bad cracked heels and they were quite painful but two days after starting to use Eulactol Heel Balm the cracks were no longer painful. Another plus with this product is it is not greasy when applied. Great product Eulactol.
My heels have not looked so good it took awhile but after constant use it worked.

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