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Sukin For Men Shaving Gel

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Combines sesame oil and chamomile to lubricate skin for a close and comfortable shave.


Michelle (Palm Cove)

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14/02/2019 Home Tested with free product

My husband has sensitive skin and also shave his head clean shaven. I've used Sukin products for a long time now and always found them affordable and very good for sensitive skin, this as a winner too! My husband is converted and I also use this Sukin shaving gel for my legs, it's a beautiful product and leaves your skin soft and clean.

Tim (Melbourne)

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4/02/2019 Home Tested with free product

Shave daily, use this. Simple. This is a fantastic product and has really helped keep my face rash free.

Chad (East Liverpool)

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2/02/2019 Home Tested with free product

Sukin makes my skin smooth and nice and soft textier and i am happy i found a product that i love i want more of it.

Jeanette (Doonside)

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31/01/2019 Home Tested with free product

I thought I would buy this for my husband to try because he has been complaining that his regular shaving cream is leaving his face dry. He loved it easy to use nice aroma and leaves his shin feeling fresh and smooth I would recommend it to others and my husband is fussy but if he says he likes this product it must be good

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Sukin For Men Shave Gel 225 mL


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