3.9 5 0 32 32 Aeroplane’s Chocolate Mug cake is a flavoursome and convenient desert. Available in a variety of flavours.
Aeroplane Chocolate Mug Cake
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Tried it once
Purchased it for a novelty for the kids to try, found on the internet san do this will a few ingredients or even a 90 cent home brand cake mix so wouldn't buy it again.
Not my fave
I have tried many mug cakes and this is no exception, I just can't come at how dry they are, no sauce in the middle or underneath, not overcooked just dry and you need to add cream, custard, ice cream etc I prefer my cooked puddings to have no cream, ice cream custard etc so the mug cakes are not my fave, only thing good about these is they are portion controlled and even better portion control than just the size, because I won't eat it.
Super easy
Aeroplane mug cakes are very good priced and easy dessert for after dinner .they have got three yummy flavours ☕🍰 Had one tonight they are yummy with icecream. My kids really enjoyed making and eating them. have tried all flavour and they were all yum. very easy too make. Easily available got mine from Woolies.
It tasted a bit uncooked to me but my daughter really enjoyed it.
Quick and easy, surprisingly tasted quite good warm with a little icecream
i have tried the caramel one and found it quite good, handy mix and cook in one cup and just right for one person could even try a little custard on top in place of ice cream .like it
Taste great, and quick to make which is a bonus especially if unexpected visitors pop around. And no messy bowls to clean
I bought 1 of these (chocolate) as they were on offer. Unfortunately it came out bland and didnt really rise. Perhaps it was my microwave? I dont think I would buy again, however the concept is good.
Not bad but also not good. Unfortunately my family did not enjoy this particular flavour cook up. For a warm cake and individuality servings it was rather nice though.
These are tasty - i haven't tried the chocolate one but the caramel and stickydate flavours are great if your craving something sweet.
This is great if you feel like a small chocolate hit. It's quick and easy to make and tastes great with a bit of cream or ice cream.
love it. i set mine for 40 sec in microwave so its mostly cake but gooey underneath. yum.
Tried chocolate last night and I am happy that I only got the one. It was bland tasting, dry, even a bit rubbery and no I didn't overcook because still a little batter left at the bottom of my cup!
Aeroplane Chocolate Mug Cake makes dessert in a few minutes and everyone loves them.
This is a good product simply because it is a premix. I have been making cakes in a cup for many years and the family love them. This product means that I do not need to make my own premix, although the family loves my pecan/maple flavour. I will use this product again, especially when off caravaning, a good, simple to use and convenient product. I still prefer home made premix to shop bought, however they do have a place on the shelf in my pantry.

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