4.5 5 0 11 11 Ajax Eco-Respect Multipurpose Wipes are biodegradable, compostable and made from bamboo fibres. Kill 99.9% of germs to help keep your home clean and healthy.
Ajax Eco-Respect Multipurpose Wipes
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Fresh cleaning wipes
Absolutely love these and love the fresh vanilla smell it leaves well worth trying
Great wipes
Easy to use and smell good. Also best for office use.
Great wipes, handy for spills
I rarely use wipes but they come in handy with spills and for really dirty surfaces. Pleasant smell without being over-powering. The eco aspect is a plus. Would definitely recommend.
Leaves the kitchen smelling wonderful
These wipes are awesome to use. They leave the kitchen smelling wonderful and you can really tell when you have used them. They cut through grease and grime easily and are eco friendly too
So good!
These are fantastic! Great for when you don't want to get the whole kit and caboodle out to clean, and one of my favourite things to use them for is the bathroom my boys share - as all Mums know, they can be a scary place :D A great new staple on my shopping list :)
Clean & Go
Quick & easy to use, keeps my desk clean & fresh. Great when you need to do a quick clean around the house.
Good for quick cleaning
Love to grab these when I havnt got time for a full clean but want the sink/bench wiped properly
Great product
Works exactly like any other wipe - disinfects and wipes away dirt and grime. Perfect for my kitchen and bathrooms and also baby surfaces like the change mat! Would definitely recommend.
I brought this only last week as they were on special. I generally just use the homebrand wipes or baby wipes for all my general dusting around the house. I can't believe the fragrance that this wipes leave throughout the house. I will be buying these again.
Smell nice
Great smelling product and as always ajax is a great brand of cleaning products
Lovely scent and useful
These wipes have a lovely scent, quite strong but pleasant. I find the wipes very handy and good for quick clean up of small surfaces. They have good absorbance and are not overly wet or too dry. Useful product.
Was not aware of this product and will look for it on next shopping expedition. Thank you for drawing my attention to it. Will review my comments when I've given it a try. Looking forward to it and posting my comments.
I have not yet seen these wipes in stores but I will definitely give them a go!

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