5 5 0 7 7 Anthon Berg Plum in Madeira Chocolate Covered Marzipan has been added to the range. The product is described as dark chocolate with marzipan and filing with plum in Madeira, and it retails in a 220g pack with eight 27.5g individually wrapped units.
Anthon Berg Plum in Madeira Chocolate Covered Marzipan
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These are magnificent. Strong flavour of marzipan and the plum adds some tang. The only problem is there should be more in the box.
Love it
I tried them a few times and I love it, the best way to have them is with your morning coffee
Marzipan lover
For someone who loves marzipan, it’s a match made in heaven. Chocolate with marzipan and a bit of a fruity taste. Could have the whole pack at one go any time.
Great treat for adults
If you like marzipan and the slight burn of alcohol, you’ll love these treats. They taste fantastic — dark chocolate richness with the sweet almond marzipan, and a lovely little sweet-sour kick of the plum. There is a nice hit of alcohol/liqueur in these. One served with coffee after dinner is perfect. Kids probably won’t be a fan, which means more for the adults 😉
Marzipan I don’t like an with plum not my favourite the quality is good an easy open packaging
I didn't know these existed, I'll be getting a packet asap
It looks very nice so i am sure it will taste very good love it

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