3.9 5 0 377 377 Arnott's has blended smooth and creamy chocolate with real biscuit pieces to create a twist on your favourite classics. Each chocolatey bite brings to life the deliciousness of Australia’s most iconic biscuits: Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Jatz or Ginger Nut. Discover your new favourite treat today!
Arnott's Biscuit Chocolate Bars
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Nice variety
Arnotts always brings something new though it's sometimes a hit and sometimes a miss, my favourite from this range is Katz because I like the sweet and savoury combination, others are nice but sweet biscuits with an addition chocolate makes it a bit more sweet for me. Overall nice tea time biscuits.
Iced Vovo... it really does taste like a Vovo!
I've only tried the Vovo chocolate but I really enjoyed it. It tastes exactly like the biscuits which was wild and so fun. The blocks are a nice decent size compared to competitors and its just plain yum. Will repurchase.
Wagon Wheel Chocolate
It is not to bad but l would much prefer just the normal wagon wheel
Arnotts merged our favourites to make something a little bit new and different. My personal favourite was the scotch finger chocolates. But after trying the range once I have not felt the need to purchase again.
Have tried all the flavours, I think my favourite is the wagon wheel. Obviously more of a treat but great to have on the weekend. The small blocks are great too when the self-control is lacking...
Arnott's Biscuit Chocolate Bars
Resistance was useless when I saw iced vovo and wagon wheel chocolate bars, memories of childhood filtered through and my hands instantly reached out for these products! Taste was delicious and very smooth on the taste buds. As a special treat i would definitely purchase again.
Was looking forward to the wagon wheel one but didnt like it, the lollie they use for jam was unappealing , jatz one i found funny taste, havent as yet tried the von one
All highly addictive
We love these chocolate bars in our household, they usually dont last the night in front of the TV. The variety of flavours is great. Highly recommend.
Purchased the Gingernut biscuit variety. My children weren't that impressed with it - which left more for me :) The ginger flavour was subtle and not overwhelming and went well with the chocolate.
Rich chocolate, loads nuts
I love chocolate. When I tested the wagon wheels,I know this will be my one of chocolate bar I will buy. Full of nuts and rich with chocolate.
Not a Fan
I seen these new Arnotts chocolates at the supermarket and thought I would try the ice vovo one. I couldn't wait to get home and try it but I was very disappointed because it was far to sweet for my liking and was very sickening if I ate toomuch at once
High Expectations
I was expecting these chocolates to taste more like the biscuits. I didn't mind the ginger nut or the iced vovo but the rest didn't live up to my expectations. The texture of the chocolate wasn't what I expected. Not as smooth as I would have liked.
I loved the iced vivo it's so addictive. Perfect balance of coconut and marshmallow and chocolate.
Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it
I tried the Iced Vovo flavour. I like when brands bring out new limited edition flavours and I usually try them, but I probably wouldn’t buy the Iced Vovo again. It was ok. The chocolate itself I really enjoyed, and I like iced vovos but I don’t think they went well together. Nice idea and I still ate the whole block but next time I’ll choose a different flavour instead.
Had higher expectations
I was so excited to try the scotch finger chocolate block but it was a bit disappointing. It didn't have as much biscuit and crunch as I expected and the chocolate was kind of ordinary.

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