3.9 5 0 274 274 Arnott's has blended smooth and creamy chocolate with real biscuit pieces to create a twist on your favourite classics. Each chocolatey bite brings to life the deliciousness of Australia’s most iconic biscuits: Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Jatz or Ginger Nut. Discover your new favourite treat today!
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Iced vovo
The iced vovo bar, tastes just like an iced vovo biscuit, not my favourite chocolate that I’ve tried however
Wagon Wheel is amazing!
The Wagon Wheel and VoVo are oustanding. I also tried the Scotch Finger, it was good without being great.
Ok but ......
It sounded like a great idea, however, aside from the Iced Vovo and Wagon Wheel the others were pretty average.
Biscuits are nicer.
I was really looking forward to trying these chocolates but I was a bit disappointed. I tried Wagon Wheels and VoVo and I was excited to try them as I love the biscuits but I wasn't that fussed on those two really. It was ok but nothing special.
Mixed bag
Loved the VoVo and Wagon wheel blocks, but the others are not worth the price. VoVo actually tastes like a VoVo biscuit, the others where very much clutching at straws when it came to flavour being compared to the real biscuit. Good try though.
Not worth the price of $5
Really wasn’t anything special about them. Was looking forward to the ginger nut one but a) it was dark chocolate and b) couldn’t taste the ginger nut. Disappointed - was so looking forward to them.
Not what I expected
The chocolate itself is fine but the blocks seem to lack enough of their namesake to taste “authentic” Wagon wheel -ratio of wagon wheel to chocolate not right, not enough wagon wheel. Needs some jelly bits like the Cadbury blocks. Iced Vovo - again lacks enough biscuit pieces. Could do with more coconut & include some jelly or raspberry pieces. Scotch finger - ratio of chocolate to biscuit ok but combination isn’t a hit in my opinion. I did email Arnott’s last month to pass on my feedback. I can’t imagine these being a permanent item. By the way, what happened to the mint slice block? :)
The real thing is better
My family and I tried the Vovo and the wagon wheel and it was okay, similar but not as good as the real thing in my opinion. I probably wouldn't buy again just stick to my regular chocolate.
Wagon wheels
Great tasting chocolate block. Could really taste the wagon wheel.
Iced vovo chocolate
Doesn't look much like an iced vovo, expected the top to have jam or marshmellow on it, but it tasted ok
Eat the original Wagon wheel
Was surprisingly disjointed in flavor and texture as chocolate tasted cheap and oily, marshmallows and lollies tough. I would fill each individual square with fluffy marshmallow and I wont be recommending
Have tried yo yo, wagon wheel and one other - all great tasting and very moreish. I think they are wonderful.
Love love love!! 😍
Love this chocolate!! It’s soo yummy & tasty just like the biscuits they are made after. The crunch when you get you bite down with the taste explosion is heaven! Would highly recommend if you want some goodness in your life!
New and Different
I have not tasted like this before.Still it was different and delicious.I was Quite pleasantly surprised.
Not a real chocolate block
Not sure I would buy again, Reminds of the broken bits in the bottom of the jar and are reused for another purpose, Cant improve on original biscuits and Jatz also does not belong in the chocolate area,,please

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