3.9 5 0 349 349 Arnott's has blended smooth and creamy chocolate with real biscuit pieces to create a twist on your favourite classics. Each chocolatey bite brings to life the deliciousness of Australia’s most iconic biscuits: Iced VoVo, Scotch Finger, Wagon Wheel, Jatz or Ginger Nut. Discover your new favourite treat today!
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So good its dangerous
Thank goodness I live near a Woolworths rather than Coles as this was soooo great it was addictive. I love, love, loved it. I tried the Wagon Wheel and the Gingernut and fully intended to share but it didn't last. Looking forward to trying the other flavours when in company so I don't whittle it away on my own.
I never knew How much I needed this in my life
I bought the jatz block on a whim when it was on sale. Thought I would take it to work for a bit of fun. It didn’t make it, whole block gone that night, the crunchy salty-ness of the jatz combined with the creamy chocolate....holy Batman! Give the person that designed this one a pay rise!
Perfect balanced flavour with the same old twists of past favourite treats. Combines the best of different elements of snacks while keeping the great original Chocolate sensation, Welly Constructed.
Wagon Wheel WOW!!
I love the Wagon Wheel block...it's so nice...I didn't expect it to be as moorish as it was and I can't wait to try the Vovo block. It's a little bit on the expensive side though...
Arnotts Biscuit Chocolate Bar
I liked the Wagon wheel bar & the Ice vovo bar as the actually taste like the biscuit product. The Jatz bar was to salty for my liking.
Sweet & Savoury
Was pleasantly surprised with the combination of the Jatz with chocolate and it was smooth chocolate with the crunch of savoury Jatz.
Scotch Fingers and Iced Vovos
I really enjoyed the Scotch fingers and Iced Vovo varieties of these chocolate bars. The chocolate was creamy and tasted like good quality milk chocolate. I'd happily buy these again. I found them hard to find in the supermarkets. I couldn't do the Jatz ones though - savoury and chocolate just don't go together for me.
Exciting idea
I was so excited to try these new products, what a great idea! But overall was disappointed as the chocolate wasn’t the best & most came over as way too sweet, definitely helped with portion control! Gingernut was my favourite flavour as I think the dark chocolate offset the sweetness of the biscuit pieces.
Chocolate hit
Overall a great idea to revamp some old favorites but not sold on the cracker bar ....wagon wheel and vovo and great
Loved all the flavours!! Would have all of them all again.
Scotch Finger
My parents and I absolutely love the scotch finger chocolate. A nice crunch, and just the right level of sweetness. A nice sweet treat.
just ok
Have tried them all but won't buy them again, much prefer cadbury. Had high hopes but fell short. Some were far to sweet others were just average.
A bit disappointed
Was so excited to try all the flavours and was quiet disappointed , chocolate tasted ok but I wanted to taste the biscuits in it and found all varieties a bit bland . Wouldn’t really buy again . Not bad but just missing more biscuit flavour .
A nice alternative
I enjoyed the Ice Vo Vo bar but did find it quite sweet.. however it was nice enough for me to want to go back for more and perhaps try the other flavours as well.
I love the Wagon Wheels chocolate bars they are just the right size for a snack. Arnotts transported me back to when I was a kid with this. Crunchy, chocolately and just like the Wagon Wheel.

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