4.6 5 0 205 205 Gelato Messina has been leading the gelato movement in Australia since 2002. Using some of Messina's most popular flavours, Tim Tams have created four delicious gelato inspired biscuits for your eating pleasure - including Choc Mint!
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Delicious! Similar to Arnotts mint slice biccies, but not as strong in mint flavour. Will buy again 😊 Best of all, Tim Tams are often on special, and with so many flavours, you can please the whole family. Might seem trivial, but I also like the way you can stack them in the fridge, and the tray slides easily out and back in for sneak-through-snacking😉
I just love the flavour of mint and chocolate. There couldn't be a better sweet biscuit, I just love them.
Nice flavor
Love this product like all in the range. Ideal for a wonderful afternoon or night snack with a warm drink. I would recommend this to family and friends. Bought this on a special offer and well worth the money.
Timtam choc mint
My family love them Especially cold and dippped in milk 😁
Mixed opinions
I was disappointed by these biscuits but my partner loves them. I would prefer a stronger mint flavour.
just ok
I like mint but i was disappointed with these. I prefer the old mint slice to these the flavour is stronger.
Yum, can't stop at 1 🤪
I love choc mint & I love tim Tams & these didn't disappoint. Had to hide them from myself so I didn't eat them all haha
So yummy
I absolutely love these Tim tams! They’re so tasty and I ate the whole packet in one sitting
Mint lovers dream!
If you love peppermint this is the biscuit for you! My kids and I made milos and used this flavour to have tim tam straws and they were the yummiest! Give it a go, your taste buds will thank you.
All round snacks
Yum!!! Love Tim tams always have a packet in our cupboard...tried this last week...dinner mints and these reminded me of them. Can’t fault these...will purchase them again
I love choc-mint flavours and these Tim Tams so delicious! They are super addictive, I ate the whole packet! Whoops! Simply delightful biscuits that are perfect for morning or afternoon tea.
Minty goodness
Delicious more-ish biscuits, very similar to the mint slices, but I like the wuality of the biscuit in these better!! If you love mint these are for you
I tried one of these Tim Tams the other day. It was delicious. It reminded me of an after dinner mint with the added crunch of a biscuit. I would certainly eat these again.
These little treats of mint and chocolate are amazing with just the right amount of mint and dark chocolate to make the treat indulgent. they are also great to bite the ends off and drink your hot chocolate through on a cold winters night.
love choc mint
As a choc mint lover these are tops. Would buy again.

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