4.6 5 0 142 142 Gelato Messina has been leading the gelato movement in Australia since 2002. Using some of Messina's most popular flavours, Tim Tams have created four delicious gelato inspired biscuits for your eating pleasure - including Choc Mint!
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I thought the mint was not as strong as expected but I think it was a good thing as it can get a little sickly and too sweet overall really hard to stop at one or two.
Not what I expected
I bought a packet of Mint Tim Tams and couldn't wait to try them. I had one biscuit and was in mixed emotions. I think I was expecting them to taste like the Mint Slice but they didn't. I waited a couple of days and had another one and without the expectation I originally had and they took on a completely different taste. I was pleasantly surprised. Even though they are mint, they are not the Mint Slice. They are Tim Tams which have mint in. So the Tim Tam biscuit appeared with a nice hint of Mint. I will buy these again
Can’t Really Go Wrong With Mint Tim Tams!
I really enjoyed the mint Tim Tams, but I thought they could have been mintier. I was probably expecting Tim Tam shaped Mint Slices, which they aren’t. I loved sipping my coffee through them (and are much better than Mint slices in that regard). It is disappointing that Arnotts only put 9 biscuits in the packs as they’re only a different flavour (and it makes them 20% more expensive than standard Tim Tams). I will buy them again though!
Not my favourite
As an avid lover of mint products the Choc Mint TimTam missed the mark a little. The mint was a little lacking in flavour and the dark chocolate was overpowering.
Very tasty but two less a pack for the same price? Surely Tim tams can do better then thst
Ripped Off
While the Choc Mint Tim Tams are delicious, there is a difference of 40g in the weight against regular Tim Tams. There are also 2 less biscuits in the pack, and yet the price is the same. Not good value for money.
Could be mintier
Great tim tam quality biscuit but I was expecting a stronger mintier taste. Good with a coffee.
Love choc mint
I love Tim Tams, chocolate esp dark chocolate, and mint to put them all together and you have a match made in heaven. Did have to control myself after eating 3 in one go, else I would have eaten the whole packet! Would be interesting to try them side by side with the Mint slice to see if I have a preference.
Mint bickies
Love these biscuits really taste the mint.I get 2 packets a week
I quite like these. Is chocolate with a mint taste. They dont' go mouldy like cakes. Not sure how long they last in the cupboard as they have never stayed there long enough.
Mint Tim tam
Just the right amount of mint it is so delicious with coffee. Better than the original.
I have always loved my tim tams and have tried most of the other flavours but im a minty person and love the taste of mint especially combined with chocolate
You could smell the mint when the packet was opened and they went well with the dark chocolate
ok but just misses the mark
ok but not my favourite Tim Tams. Had high hopes as I was expecting to be a similar taste to Mint Slices
Arnotts Tim Tams
this is nowhere near the taste and quality of the original TIM TAMS.

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