5 5 0 103 103 Cruskits Rice is the newest variety in the range and has been developed as a wheat free option, and has less than 1g of fat per serve.
Arnott's Cruskits Rice
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Great low calorie snack
This is my go to snack when i don't want to have a big meal. They're very light and a great carrier for flavours as they're not overpowering at all. Love these with a bit of butter and Vegemite and cheese.
I love this “toast” so crispy
I buy quite often, as it has much less calories then consuming chips. I really enjoy some dips, so this one is a must have at home. They are very crispy and delicious. Would highly recommend give it a try.
Great light crunchy healthy snack food.They literally melt in your mouth. Nice for in between meal snack when hunger hits you
Tried and Trusted
Tried and trusted is how I'd describe these, they taste just like they did when I was a kid, I loved them now and still absolutely love them. They are a great alternative to a piece of bread and I love the crunch they have and the biscuit sticking to your mouth (yum)!
The rice cruskits are great for those that want to avoid wheat. They're crispy, can be eaten on their own or you can add your own toppings to it. Great to have as a snack
The greatest snack to have in the cupoard good with just about everything for vegemite to bacon, lettuce and tomato.
YUM ! So great with your choice of toppings or just on there own .. far too easy to eat more than 2 ! So calories can add up quickly but over all a great change from bread
great for hungry kids withfresh toppings
Kids kids kids they love them. I did not think they would I was buying them for me. But one of them and the kids want them for snacks then can I take to school and so on. I guess I might need to buy more now.
I hadn`t bought these for sometime and when I tried them again I wondered why they aren`t a permanent commodity in my cupboard, will be from now on. Light, crisp and delicious with or without a topping.
Perfect for light lunch or snack...great with a range of topics and with less that 1g of fat you cant complain..
these are my fave snacks, cheese n tomatoe or chicken and avo with phili cream cheese. We go through a pack of these every 2 days atleast!!
These are very nice! Tasty with cheese and tomato. The kids like them with butter and vegemite.
these are so light and are delicious with ham, sundried tomatoes and vintage cheese. i eat these for lunch and always feel satisfied, i would recommend these to everyone..
I love there crunch and plus there light, fresh and healthy

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