3.9 5 0 36 36 The woody, rich flavour of Manuka honey is sought after the world over for its delicious, distinctive taste. Arnott’s have paired real Manuka honey in two crunchy biscuits with a delightful cream centre, all covered in Tim Tam milk chocolate, to bring you a heavenly indulgence that will leave your tastebuds buzzing.
Arnott's Manuka Honey & Cream Tim Tam
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Good flavour but very sweet
Love the combination of the flavour. The honey taste is yum but its way too sweet.
found very sweet, maybe bit too much honey in there
Very distinct honey flavour. They kept it simple with this flavour, so the honey taste wasn't lost in amongst other flavours. Perfectly paired with a tea or coffee for afternoon tea.
Different tase
I really liked the combination of flavors, maybe a little too sweet
Strong Flavor
I tried this new Manuka honey Tim Tams found the honey far to sweet and the honey flavor was very strong the chocolate and biscuit it self was yummy. If they put less honey it would be more enjoyable to eat
Strong honey flavour
These Tim tams really taste like honey and not just ‘sweet’. I really liked the complexity of flavour and it went well with the chocolate.
Tooooo sweet!
I tried this today and the first bite I couldn’t really taste anything but Tim Tammy goodness, then the excessive sweetness hit and all I could taste was honey. Honey flavoured, I know, but this was really over the top. I love sweet things and I struggled to finish one biscuit. My friend could only do half a one. Do not recommend, sadly.
Will buy again
Flavour wasn't too strong which suited me and my family. Yum!
Honey honey there is a time tam for my tummy
Devine. 100% great tasting. Honey honey honey goes well with chocolate and biscuit.
Something Different...
Not overly sweet which I like but nothing amazing. These newbies are ok for something different.. Manuka Honey is very subtle.
Better than expected
I don't like the flavoured Tim Tams, I am more of an original girl, but hubby bought these and I may have pinched one.... or two lol. I really liked the honey flavour, it added smoothness to the chocolate flavour. I will definitely try this flavour again.
Too Much honey
I love honey and any product with honey inside I always want to try it. Tim Tam with manuka honey is something which I definitely didnt like, It is very sweet for my liking and t has a very strong honey flavour which isn't like any regular honey. I would not buy it again.
Sweet treat
What a wonderful addition to the variety of Tim Tams.
Very tasty product. Really a winner. Tim Tam flavours are always very nice.
Thumbs down
Wasn't impressed the flavour of these was are on and the honey was overpowering. I like home but couldn't even swallow this .

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