3.8 5 0 44 44 The woody, rich flavour of Manuka honey is sought after the world over for its delicious, distinctive taste. Arnott’s have paired real Manuka honey in two crunchy biscuits with a delightful cream centre, all covered in Tim Tam milk chocolate, to bring you a heavenly indulgence that will leave your tastebuds buzzing.
Arnott's Manuka Honey & Cream Tim Tam
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Will buy again
Flavour wasn't too strong which suited me and my family. Yum!
Honey honey there is a time tam for my tummy
Devine. 100% great tasting. Honey honey honey goes well with chocolate and biscuit.
Something Different...
Not overly sweet which I like but nothing amazing. These newbies are ok for something different.. Manuka Honey is very subtle.
Better than expected
I don't like the flavoured Tim Tams, I am more of an original girl, but hubby bought these and I may have pinched one.... or two lol. I really liked the honey flavour, it added smoothness to the chocolate flavour. I will definitely try this flavour again.
Too Much honey
I love honey and any product with honey inside I always want to try it. Tim Tam with manuka honey is something which I definitely didnt like, It is very sweet for my liking and t has a very strong honey flavour which isn't like any regular honey. I would not buy it again.
Sweet treat
What a wonderful addition to the variety of Tim Tams.
Very tasty product. Really a winner. Tim Tam flavours are always very nice.
Thumbs down
Wasn't impressed the flavour of these was are on and the honey was overpowering. I like home but couldn't even swallow this .
Just not right
I found the flavour of these really quite odd I generally like honey however I found the mix between honey and chocolate not quite right. Maybe dark chocolate would have worked better.... Would not suggest to anyone
Tim tams
Great taste , I love them better then the original flavour they literally melt in your mouth
Truly wonderful
Truly wonderful melt in your mouth . What more can I sya
Yummy loved it. Always love Tim tam flovors. It just melts in your mouth
Love it
I really loving it. It’s sooo tasty dat I never ignored it in my shopping list
not the best TimTam but worth a try
I'm a Tim Tam lover don't get me wrong but this one was a bit lost on the flavor. There have been some really nice tastes and textures with these limited edition ones (vanilla and salted caramel for example) that are a lot nicer as the Manuka Honey doesn't really taste like much. Chewy centre is nice but I would say give others a try before this one
Manuka honey timtams
Not a huge fan. Much prefer other timtam flavours. They didnt taste like they had honey in them. There was an artificial, floral type flavour to them.

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