3.6 5 0 204 204 Arnott’s has released a collection of limited edition Tim Tams! These Tim Tams are mocktail inspired, alcohol –free and come in Pina Colada, Espresso Martini, Velvet Mudslide and Strawberry Champagne.
Arnott's Piña Colada Tim Tams
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Not for me
Kids didn't mind them, but I didn't like them at all. I don't particularly like coconut flavoured things, but tried these as my parents had given the pack to me. I certainly wouldn't buy them myself again.
I like these but I don't think they taste like Pina Colada. The original Tim Tam is nicer
terrible. won't buy again. stop trying to get too clever with all these new flavours. stay with the original and double dipped varieties
no thanks. won't buy again. wierd flavour. much prefer double dip ones. Don't try to get too fancy with too many odd flavours.
Love Pina Colada's and love the Pina Colada tim tams especially with a hot cup of coffee that takes the edge off the sweetness. Will definitely purchase again!
I really like these ones! Its like having summer in the middle of winter! The mix of coconut & pineapple it truely like a little mocktail in your mouth! I will be buying these again!
I don't like the chocolate on chocolate varieties but the fruitiness of this flavour appealed to me. I haven't been tempted to try them more than once and prefer the banana flavour.
Not very nice. I love pins coladas but this taste like a cheap sugary knock off . Quiet unpleasant if you eat more than one
Yum, Yum, Yum I'm not a big fan of Tim Tams but these were lovely
Awful, they had such a fake flavor. Ate one & gave the rest away, didn't like anything about them
Am a big Tim Tam fan but these Pina Colada version were disappointing. Shame was I really expected to love them but wasn't the case.
I enjoyed the Pina colada Tim Tams. You can really taste the pineapple and coconut. My husband is the bigger fan of it as he bought a whole tray of them when they have been reduced. It's not my favourite, but I enjoyed them.
Not a fan of this one I'm afraid. It was way too sweet and I don't feel that it had a pina colada taste at all. Original Tim Tam is still the way to go for me!
Very sweet. If you have a sweet tooth then you will probably love these.
These are my favorite besides the double coated Tim Tams. They are amazing cold from the fridge. Very addictive!

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