3.7 5 0 18 18 Shapes Meat Pie combines the sweetness of tomato sauce with a rich gravy beef and subtle pepper and onion notes, layered onto buttery pastry.
Arnott's Shapes Meat Pie
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What can I say. A meat pie in a shape. 100% love these and it tastes just like a good old aussie meat pie. No improvements could be made to this product. Just keep selling them.
Good flavour
I enjoyed these. They did actually taste like meat pie to me. I love the Aussie shapes of them too. I would recommend these to others!
I'm addicted
I can't stop eating these little delicious biscuits
Tastes exactly as described
Love the taste. Got to taste at one of the parties. I like the taste it tastes exactly like meat pie but I wouldn't go for it every time. Once a while is ok to have. I prefer my regular chips.
Different taste
I always look out for new flavors in snacks specially chips, crisps and crackers so when I saw the new Arnotts shapes in meat pie flavour I tried it and its not bad or unusual, it is sweet and salty wit subtle notes of the ingredients added in them. Its perfect for meat pie lovers. I would buy them but not replace my regular chips with them.
These don’t taste bad, I prefer other shapes flavors. Bit unusual to get used to.
If you love meat pies, you will love this!
I wasn't a fan but my daughter loves them. She is a massive meat pie fan. The biscuits taste exactly the same as a pie. Weird for a biscuit but great for all the meat pie lovers looking for a quick snack.
this is a flavour sensation i love this flavour! and addictive! i don’t don’t buy these purely because i will eat the whole packet in one sitting -.-
Terrible, to me it didn't even resemble the taste of meat pie. Can't explain what it tasted like but not nice at all. Try again Arnotts.
No Taste
Taste like normal shapes really can't taste the meat pie at all waste of money
No, just no!
We tried this flavour yesterday in the school / work lunches. As long time fans of Arnott's Shapes we love to try the new flavours that come out. I also love that it is shaped like Australia - it may be a gimmick, but it really gets me in! Unfortunately, this flavour was not popular at all. Of the three people who tried it, only one thought they were ok. The flavour is nothing like a meat pie and is quite off putting and unpleasant. I definitely won't be buying these again. Sorry Arnott's BIG thumbs down.
Taste great
Finally a different variety of flavour from Arnott. Love them taste like a meat pie. The vegemite and cheese and, the sausage sizzle ones are nice too. Keep the varieties coming Arnotts
I like it
FINALLY managed to get a packet of the ARNOTT'S SHAPES "Meat Pie" flavour. As soon as I opened the packet of the meat pie ones, the smell of meat pie was definitely present and yes, they taste remarkably like a meat pie.
Love the flavour
Omg I love shapes and love the meat pies flavour. It tastes amazing but have been having trouble finding this flavour lately. But whenever I see one I grab one coz love it to pieces
Spot on for taste
Purchased for Australia Day. Taste was spot on but sorry won’t be buying it again. Vegemite shapes rock though.

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