2.8 5 0 17 17 Shapes Sausage Sizzle captures everything Australians love about an iconic Aussie snag – the charred beef sausage, sweet barbecue sauce and caramelised onion.
Arnott's Shapes Sausage Sizzle
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Just no
Oh no these were a horrible flavour. I love a good snag and sauce but this didn't translate into the biscuit. I won't be buying them again and I am still trying to offload the remainder that I have
These were good but not as good as the Meat Pie flavour. I couldn't really get the taste of sausage until it hit the back of my tongue but I would buy them again.
I really enjoyed these
I actually really enjoyed these. And they did actually taste reminiscent of a sausage sizzle. So while Bunnings aren't doing a sausage sizzle, these are a great alternative snack!
Not for me
Had a very over powering onion taste and couldn’t tast the “sausage” part at all
hhhhmmm never again
Like I am sure many others, I just had to try this new flavour. Eeeerrr wish I had not. Probably one of the worst shapes flavours I have tasted. Oh well never hurts to try new flavours. Stick with a proper Sausage Sanger :-)
Not bad, not their best flavour
Bought these on a whim, excited to try the new "Aussie" flavours. They're not horrible, but not their best flavour. It's quite sweet, actually, with the onion flavour lingering from the first bite. Would be nicer if the sausage flavour was more prominent.
Loved them
I love the taste of vegemite & added to shapes it was the perfect savoury treat. Ok as a sometimes food!
Not my cup of tea
I wasn’t very keen on these shapes. I found them to have quite a strong oniony flavour and after trying only one it actually gave me heartburn! 😐 I wouldn’t recommend them or buy them again.
No thanks
Tried these and was not impressed did not taste like a sausage sizzle could taste the onion and not much else left a foul taste in my mouth afterwards.
Better than expected
I actually enjoyed these! Very moorish, good luck not eating the whole box. I still prefer original shapes flavours but would buy again.
great with Hommus!!
a friend introduced me to this flavour and it is amazing with hommus or just plain!! i don’t buy these because i will eat the whole packet in the one sitting -.-
No Sizzle
Started of tasting abit like sausage but after a couple they tasted like plastic. Didn't enjoy these at all.
real snags are better
Not a fan taste a little like sausage on bread, nice for something different, but won't be a regular in my shopping
not great
Arnotts did not nail the flavour, not disgusting but leaves a weird onion after taste
Ok but there are better out there!
Didn’t exactly taste like sausage sizzle for me but was nice to try on Australia Day. Prefer other flavours like Chicken Crimpy any day of the week.

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