4.2 5 0 46 46 Nothing but flour, butter, raw sugar, honey, eggs, vanilla pod, salt and natural flavour.
Arnott's Simple Batch Vanilla Butter Biscuits
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Close to Homemade
Arnott's have produced a biscuit variety that is the closest to homemade. It is simple delight enjoyed with a hot cuppa. Nothing fancy just your standard ingredients. Very tasty and any any time snack.
Taste great
These taste great and are not hard they are easy to bite into and you can’t just have one
Homemade taste
I am a big fan of Arnotts and always try their biscuits so I tried the simple batch as well, It is very expensive as compared to the value they are giving, taste is just like home made with no additives, but I wont buy it again because if I am paying for a biscuit it should be at least different from home style biscuits.
Taste of home made
These biscuits have the Flavour of a simple home made biscuit. Light and full of flavour a must with your tea or coffee
bought these last week they were gone within 3 days, so moreish and buttery.
Too delicious
Not too sweet i tried these biscuits and I love the smell of honey on them
Arnott simple batch biscuits
Tastes okay but not sure why Arnott’s have made these biscuits.
nice but simple
the taste was a bit plain, but the quality was good and a good amount in the bag
Plain and simple
Nice idea but I found the taste to be a little plain for me. I’d prefer something sweeter.
Not bad
I liked the flavour of these simple batch biscuits. I do love having a biscuit and a cup of tea and these were a good dunking biscuit. Nothing too fancy though they did the trick
Great product great taste simply yet so much flavour would highly recommend to anyone thanks Arnott's
Poor product. The flavour is boring. Won't be buying these again
Bland biscuit - no real taste
Very disappointed - was looking forward to these. Was looking for a traditional tasting butter biscuit but it wasn’t buttery at all. Very plain - bland really.
arnotts simple batch biscuits
I did not like them at all. Tried sharing them but no one came back for a 2nd. They just didn't taste nice
Expected better
Tried this product very disappointed as the biscuits were overcooked

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