4 5 0 31 31 Take your Tim Tam enjoyment to the ultimate level with this mouth-watering new Tim Tam Slams range, deliciously designed to Slam. Inside each you’ll discover a delectable centre that is perfect on its own and even better when Slammed.
Arnott's Tim Tam Slams Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel
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Gift for internationals
Sending these overseas is a great treat for friends and family who know of the legend of the Tim Tam slam technique but have not yet had one.
I never thought I would say this as malt and caramel sounds like a winning combination, but these Tim Tams are inedible. The malt flavouring (because that's what it is - flavouring) is strong and has an alcoholic bite to it. The biscuit tastes almost savoury, like vegemite. It is disgusting. I couldn't eat more than one, which I still had to force down my throat. If you're a supertaster, save your money. Anyone else might do okay with them.
Delicious taste 😊 Sometimes I leave these ones out of the fridge, as the caramel in the center hardens. Having said that, if they are cold when you use them as coffee straws, the rest of the tim tam melts away, and leaves you with a lovely, chewy caramel surprise at the end ☺
nice treat
sweet to eat I would only buy on special times due to them been special type of cookie. the caramel is nice when bite into no need to change
Very sweet
Milk chocolate, caramel, malt combination is too sweet for my liking. I think these would have been better with dark chocolate.
Nice Treat
I love Tim Tams so I thought I would try these new Tim Tam Slams. I love caramel flavour but found these far to sweet and expensive
Not too bad
Not really a big fan of this but it is not too bad and I recommend this if you like caramel. It is a bit too sweet for me but its not bad.
These are so lush another winner from Arnotts. Great to have with a cappuccino.
Love a Tim Tam
Tim Tams are always one of my favourites and these slams just add to the choices available. I enjoyed them.
OK but
Far too sweet, tried the caramel Slam. Now they have dropped quantity 11 biscuits to 9, price still the same price.
tim tams slams
yes I have tried them my favorite tim tam is every one I can eat them any where any time
Weird combination
I love tim tams, and slams, and caramel but weird addition of the malt. Leaves a malt flavour in your mouth which I was not overwhelmed with. Definitely prefer normal tim tams or the other variations of the caramel ones.
Nice variation
This is an enjoyable variation on the Tim Tam theme. I'm not a big caramel flavour fan but I love chocolate and malt so I was pleasantly surprised that the combination of the three in this biscuit is pretty good. A good alternative to the super yummy dark chocolate variety.
Choc malt and sticky caramel timtams
I purchased these to try a couple of weeks ago and although they were ok I don’t think i’d Buy them again in a hurry. I think they were lacking a little in flavour
Nice Biscuit
I can see the appeal, but it's not my cup of tea. I prefer the original Tim Tams, my favourite being the dark chocolate version. I would however recommend these to caramel fans. A friend of mine thought they were the best.

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