2.7 5 0 50 50 Arnott's new Tim Tam Toffee Apple is a moreish combination of tasty apple flavoured cream, toffee and the delicious Tim Tam biscuit.
Arnott's Toffee Apple Tim Tams
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nice biscuit but a little sweet for me..my partner loved it though (he a sweet tooth) but I did love the flavour of the toffee apple sauce (just minus the sweet kick)
We all loved these, they are super delicious, and the good thing is that I can eat them without guilt as they are quite rich and I can't eat more than 2 at a time. I'm not telling you how many the kids eat :D
Yuck!!! These Tim tam products are WAY to sweet, didn't eat any more after 1 bite
Too artificial. Too sweet not very enjoyable. Sorry tim tam!
i enjoyed the different flavour but i do agree that it was a little too sweet....still cool for something different
Though nice, it's very very sweet. I couldn't eat more than one each time. Though I didn't mind the taste I won't be getting it again because of the sweetness...
Ooh wow, transports me back to the annual shows indulging in toffee apples; simply lovely.
Very sweet! And they don't taste like Toffee Apple at all. I wouldn't buy them again.
Delicious flavour and taste - I love this so much!!
We tried it and Its a little sweet buy we actually loved them.
Personally didn't think mu7ch oif this one. I love toffee apples but this just didn't taste right to me. Sorry :-(
My Tim Tam loving family did not love this flavour , artificial and too cloyingly sweet sorry Tim Tams but 6 thumbs down
These are really nice but I couldn't have more than two they are abit too sweet.
I also love this Arnott's Tim Tam Toffee Apple!! It is yummy!! When you start eating then you can't stop!! I love toffee apples, buy this at the supermarket. I was surprised to see that they have it now in Tim Tam's too, it is great!! I reccommend this to everyone. Thanks Amanda van Vuuren
Horrible artificial flavour and bad after taste. I love toffee apple and tim tams but I feel this was produced whilst still not being quite right.

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