2.7 5 0 50 50 Arnott's new Tim Tam Toffee Apple is a moreish combination of tasty apple flavoured cream, toffee and the delicious Tim Tam biscuit.
Arnott's Toffee Apple Tim Tams
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Beautiful combination of flavours. We bought few extra in case they discontinue the flavour
this is a great product that I got and enjoyed on the weekend with same friends and a bottle of bubble......
It looked like red velvet, and tasted somewhat like red velvet as well. The toffee and the apple taste aren't strong. But the red and white colour are very distinct which made me associated it with red velvet
Toffee Apple Tim Tams taste awful! They have a very fake chemical taste and leave a horrible aftertaste. Truly a deplorable biscuit. I will be sticking with the original and double coat flavours because they are delicious.
I really could taste the toffee apple ,I think they are yummy
would love to try this product. have seen them it store but have not try it
I have not tried this new Arnott's Tim Tam Toffee Apple as yet it sounds yummy
My supermarket did not feature this flavor - well I did not see it - tried another new flavor Mango and Coconut (I think) and we immediately bought more - I am a diabetic and have restrictions but my specialist told me not to die wondering so I try one of each new item that comes out - given the apparent sweetness I think I will be avoiding the Toffee Apple variety, sadly !!!
Hi, I have not seen this flavor of Tim Tam's as yet. I guess you have to try anything once. However I do like Tim Tams!
Interesting Flavours coming out in the Tim Tam Range,I like the double Choc and the Caramel. Im happy with my favourites and I havent liked any of the new flavours.
I did not see this product on the shelves but will look for it and try it.
I love toffee apples and I also love Tim tams. What a great combination. I can taste it now. Please send me a sample so I can start filling my trolley with Tim tams
We love our tim tams, I think this flavour would be special my hubby and I can never stop at 1 tim tam what a fabulous flavour toffee apple cant wait to taste them
Hi this flavour in the tim tam looks nourishing and i would love to sample the product and tell other people about it regards Brian
I have yet to try this product. As it is an extension of Tim Tams' range, it sounds very appealing !

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