5 5 0 17 17 Add to pasta, risotto, in soup or over vegetables, however you have it Aurricchio Grated Cheese will add a rich and delicious flavour to your meal.
Aurricchio Grated Cheese Grana Padano
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I have Brought this cheese a few times. But our local Woolworths has stopped selling it and we are unable to get it. But when we did I used it in scramble eggs, sprinkled it on spaghetti bolognase and even in lasagna. It's great to also add to mash potato. It has a great flavour and taste. It great to have in the fridge and their is no mess trying to grate it yourself.
I love this cheese, it is fresh, light, fluffy and has a lovely taste - not too over powering but certainly preferable to dry parmesan. Whilst the price is somewhat off putting, I am open to paying given the product tastes superior. My only issue is that there is no lid utility as such that allows you to portion out servings e.g. holes for sprinkling different amounts.
I love to have grated cheese on my Spaghetti Bol as that is what makes it a great meal, so would be nice for me if I got some to try and if I like it I would go and buy it straight away. So could you please pick me to be a tester on this.
Aurricchio grated cheese grana padano tastes delicious on spaghetti, pasta and anything at all.
Hi, I have not seen this brand when shopping. I can already imagine what I could use this product on. I would like to try this please!
Im not sure what this product is but would love to try it. Thanks
I was not aware of this product but I am a cheese addict, even on my convenience foods. I love strong flavours and the mild ones, but would love to test it to see how this works.
Interesting fresh / dry cheese in a can to have on hand. My pasta is screaming out for some cheese. Will keep an eye out for when it's on sale.
I can see myself making a pasta dish with this cheese.
We love Cheeses ,I haven't tried this brand but I'm open to testing .Love to try he's cheeses !
Interesting, going by the name it should be very tasty.
I'm a big cheese fan and would love a sample please
Look so yummy .i haven't try before but it look so nice I really want to give a try
I have not tried this, but sure will be in my trolley next shopping day. Looks interesting.
What a fantastic idea! Would love to try this on my favourite bolognaise for an extra flavour punch.

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