Avalanche Drinking Chocolate 99% Sugar Free

3.8 5 0 32 32 Kick back and melt into this 99% sugar free drinking chocolate, guilt free.
Avalanche Drinking Chocolate 99% Sugar Free


Since we started watching our diet, we opted to switch to the Avalanche brand instead of the standard hot chocolate 'M' drink. We were expecting watery and powdery but were were totally surprised at the taste! It was velvety, dissolved quickly, and tasted even better than the previous brand. I also like how it suits our dietary needs without making us feel too guilty. We will definitely be adding this to the grocery list!
Great flavour
Great tasting hot chocolate with half the sugar. However the sugar free alternative does upset my stomach terribly. A warning to anyway with ibs issues or is low fodmap etc
Low on sugar, high on taste
The best sugar free hot choc I've had. I've never particularly liked hot choc made with milk, so this, made with just water, is perfect. The sachets are a good size, the chocolate flavour os rich and it's not too sweet. There's a nice thin layer of foam on the top, after you've stirred. Wish it was easier to get hold of in the UK. The coconut version is amazing!
Avalanche - 99% Sugar Free Drinking Chocolate
I loved this hot chocolate. It is portioned into sachets, easy to prepare, just add hot water or your choice of milk. It is low in calories but still has a great chocolate flavour and easily satisfies that sweet craving without having to over indulge.
Enjoyed it.
I've tried many sugar free hot chocolates and this has been my favourite. None of them are going to taste fantastic being sugar free but its good enough for me. Dissolves easily, tastes nice but I really don't appreciate the price. There's alot of other products out there similar and cheaper so I only buy these on sale.
Great chocolate taste
A great alternative without the guilt. It’s great for people who can’t have much sugar & still want taste.
A good alternative to a normal cuppa. Sugar free but tastes pretty good.
This is a great healthy option for chocolate lovers. So yummy.
Good “healthier” option
If you’re looking to consume less sugar, this is a great option. Still tastes sweet and chocolate-y but not too heavy. Tastes good hot and cold, with ice (my preference). You can always add milk to make it creamier! I wouldn’t change anything about it, a great little treat when you have a craving for something sweeter!
I really enjoy this hot chocolate but I'm not a massive sweet tooth so if you like a super sweet hot chocolate, it may not be for you!
After taste isn't pleasant
tastes ok to start but then leaves an aftertaste from the sweetener
Great for those with Type 2 Diabetes
Avalanche 99% sugar free drinking chocolate, great taste especially for those who need to be careful with sugar. This does not mess up my blood sugars so it has become a nightly treat.
Love the avalanche drinking chocolate for an arvo pick me up! Less sugar but tastes exactly like a normal full sugar hot chocolate. Good for people on low carb or keto diet. Super easy to make and can drink hot or cold!
Not super flavoursome
Tried this while I was away on holidays and found the mix was quite weak. I ended up having to fill 1/3 of my cup with the powder and the rest with milk for it to taste like a proper hot chocolate. Was nice once I had used a heap of powder.
Not for me
I did not enjoy this at all. It had a really bizarre bitter after taste which was not pleasant at all. it's not super chocolatey either, this could have been great but i won't buy again.

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