4.5 5 0 11 11 AvoFresh Spicy Mexican is the perfect addition to any Mexican meal. With the delicious taste of avocado, it’s perfect for dipping, spreading and topping any meal. Give it a try today!
Avo Fresh Spicy Mexican Guacamole
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I really like having Avo Fresh for times that I'm not able to make guacamole at home from scratch. Also the container this comes in is way better value because unlike the tube you can actually get it all out! Definitely like the chunky texture (rather than other brands which really over puree and completely ruin the amazing texture of avocado). I've tried both the spice and the original and they are equally delicious and super convenient as they last a little longer in the fridge than your natural avocado.
Needs some work in the taste, fresh is best. Maybe a little more spice to improve the overall taste.
I always buy Avo fresh with hint of lemon and when i seen Spicy Mexican Guacamole i had to buy as well. Mmmmm i was sold nice and chunky not too Spicy.It won't last long with me. I will recommend it to everyone.
I'm all about avocados and spicy food and I have previously tried the original version, so I was very excited to try this product. It was spicy but not too spicy. The avocado seemed to have a cooling effect in combination with the spicy chilli. The packaging is very convenient and seems to last a bit longer than normal avocado when in the fridge.
Hi, I purchased this, love it, spicy, but not too spicy, just right and no waste. Will definitely buy again, thank you.
I have bought and tried this product and find it a great product and i can have it in the fridge for several days without it going brown. Gives a nice taste to sandwiches and toast, wraps
Great product no mess no wastage. When you buy fresh you don't know what you are likely to get. with this product you know. Tasty versatile. Yumo
I absolutely love this product. The flavours are perfect for me and I love using it to make rice paper rolls - easy and no waste
I love avocados and I've tried the Avo Fresh Spicy Mexican Guacamole, and it is fantastic!! The taste of the avocados and mexican in this is great! Enjoy this as a dip with salted or unsalted biscuits! I reccommend this to everyone! Thanks Amanda van Vuuren
Really nice! A great change from plain guacamole. Very tasty and a bit of spiciness. Yum!
This product is so versatile and tasty! No mess, no fuss! Great in hot toast for breakfast, or use it as a side to your favourite Mexican meal!
this looks like a healthy and delicious meal and would like to try it
Have not tried this product. Looks interesting. Great fro the whole family.
I've not tried this but does sound interesting , sounds spices !
I love the Avo Fresh plain and spicy varieties, have used them for a couple of years, do not like Mexican Food at all, however I think I will give this a go, as it might spice up the old "SAO" !!

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