4.1 5 0 21 21 All legumes. Al dente. All great taste. Barilla Red Lentil Penne, made with just 1 ingredient - red lentils! Certified gluten free and non-GMO. Taste the difference.
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This pasta was very nice - a different flavour to normal pasta but very enjoyable. I normally buy bigger packs so I’m not sure I would buy this again.
Great alternative for pasta
If you can't have wheat pasta, or looking to reduce carbs, this is the perfect alternative. It was a bit tougher, but I did not mind that. I didn't really notice any taste, so the sauce really shines when used in a dish. We will be using this again, and look forward to getting the other barilla alternatives.
Quite likeable
Different from the rest of the general pastas around and quite enjoyable. The texture and flavour was very palatable and pleasing. I would like to see more products like this around.
Great for coeliacs!
I'm a coelica and these were great! My only complaint would be the odd after taste it left.
Red Lentil
Barilla is one of my favourite pasta brands and this great flavour didn’t let me down. What a great combination. It cooks well to al dente, the kids loved it! Thanks Barilla!
Great traditional pasta alternative
Love the way this pasta holds its shape and doesn't fall apart when cooked. Perfect for use in pasta salads where you need the pasta robust. Great flavour and love the pop of colour it adds to a meal. Great change to usual pasta and kids loved it too.
This pasta is great. I liked the point of difference with it and think that I will buy it again because it feels like it had some good nutritional benefits over the regular pasta
A bit tough but you can hide the taste in a nice cauliflower Alfredo sauce or anything . Good for protein in a plant pased diet
Lentil pasta
Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. A good alternative for a vegetarian wanting more protein
Enjoyed this product. Enjoyed the texture, flavour and colour in the meal. Will purchase again.
Great product, interesting taste
It's nice to see alternative options hit the shelves of supermarkets and it had a nice texture however the taste is slightly odd for me. If you like lentils, you will love it.
Tasty red lentil penne
I loved the taste of this red lentil pasta. I found it easy to cook and it was a bit firmer than normal wheat penne. Not only did it taste great but it is a great source of protein.
Nice, different, unusual. Would buy again! Would love a little more in the package though.
I can't eat normally wheat pasta, so I was thrilled to try this product. I was really very happy with the taste and texture.
Great product!!
This pasta is really nice and it’s a healthier alternative to regular pasta. Tried it at home and it tasted great and would definitely buy again. I would definitely recommend this product

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