4.5 5 0 14 14 The richness of cocoa and condensed milk creates a classic indulgent gooey sauce perfect for a traditional sundae. Rich Chocolate Sauce also doubles as a perfect syrup base for iced or hot chocolate… don’t forget the marshmallows! This is a classic family favourite.
Barkers Rich Chocolate Sauce
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Love this
I love this chocolate sauce. It is thick and has a real chocolate taste. I feel it’s not too rich. It’s great on ice cream, in milkshakes and used as a dipping sauce for strawberries and other berries. Yum.
Awesome to Put on vanilla ice cream I love how rich it is I use allot per bowl of ice cream
I just opened the bottle. Not sure of consistency I made quite a mess. Taste is very nice
Nice and tasty
This saucy is very tasty and rich in chocolate flavour.
Yummy chocolate sauce
I tried this chocolate sauce on ice cream and found it nice not too sweet. I would buy this product again and I would try it in chocolate milk
Rich chocolate
This is a rich chocolaty syrup that is great on ice cream and in milk
Rich chocolate fudge sundae
Reminds me of the Mcdonald’s chocolate syrup. It’s so delicious. I’ve never had a supermarket bought chocolate syrup quite as delicious. I wouldn’t buy anything else now. Great little treat.
Yummy and indulgent!
Very tasty chocolate sauce with a good consistency. It's nice over ice cream as well as mixes into milk for a milkshake. It doesn't taste too sweet either which is a bonus for indulgent sauces.
so yummy
I purchased this Bakers chocolate sauce for my husband he used it in milk and on top of ice cream and he loved the smooth rich chocolate he said it is the best he has tasted in a long time
nice and rich
this is great for an afternoon treat with ice cream. nice and smooth and not too rich.will use a lot more in the summer.
not bad
I like to have this chocolate on my vanilla ice cream
I am always up for trying new chocolate toppings, hoping to one day find a rich thick chocolate sauce, therefore I will have to try this one.
Not sure I’ll use it probably stay in fridge mayb kids might like not sure
My family loves strawberries with chocolate and I can't wait to purchase this chocolate sauce to try it.

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