4 5 0 84 84 These Australian made Stringers have 5 natural ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours. They’re a great option for the kid’s lunch box, give them a try today!
Bega Cheddar Stringers
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Healthy snack
Miss 6 loves this,always want this in lunch box, taste good .
Perfect kids snack!
My little boy loves pulling these apart and always eats the whole thing, which isn't always the case for snacks!
Stringers for all ages
Loved them and they last a while when i pull them apart,and my grand kids love them too ,so I always have some in the fridge for when they come over. Great snack too.
Delicious and fun!
Stringers used to be a favourite of mine when I was a kid and now my children enjoy them just as much as I did! Always great for a calcium rich snack. Would definitely recommend.
10/10 for all ages!
I don’t know if anyone else buys this in their adulthood but I do! A guilty treat and nod to my youth. Still peel it as I eat it. Yum!
Quickly, tasty snack
These are a handy and wholesome snack for all age groups. They have a great subtle cheese flavour and are also fun for the kids to enjoy cheese. I always add one to my own work lunches when I feel like an afternoon snack, as it’s a healthier alternative than sugary snacks.
Loved it as a kid
As an adult I think it’s rubbery and not tasty but the kids seem to love it I think because it’s not over powering in flavour and consistency is consistent !
My children love these
My children love to pull them apart and eat them. They are a little bit rubbery for me but my kids love them.
Great snacking on the go
My toddler loves this cheese and they are great for on the go snacking for everyone..
cheesey sticks
These are a great snack for all my grandchildren when they visit.
Nice but expensive
My grandson is a fussy eater so I purchased these as a different way to get him to eat cheese. Well it worked he had so much fun pulling the string of cheese and he told me he really likes them. Being on a pension I find them very prices and will only buy them no and then or when they are on special
Great for a quick snack between meetings and also great cause the help me stick to my keto way of eating rather than heading for the biscut jar. They are quite pricey so I tend to look for cheese stick options that are more budget friendly but once in a while I go back to these (especially if they are on special).
gone in not time
Kids favourites, don't last long in the fridge once the kids find them. Quite expensive so the kids need to wait until they come on special.
Childhood memories
Bega stringers take me back to my childhood, they are a pretty convenient snack when you're on the go. They are not the most nutritious snack you could have and some say it might be a little rubbery but I actually like the texture.
Don’t really like it. As for me the texture is quite rubbery and squeaks unpleasantly but my husband finds this product pretty enjoyable

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