5 5 0 26 26 Delicious mini chocolate sponge cakes with creamy vanilla filling. Impress your friends at your next occasion.
Betty Crocker Choc Vanilla Whoopie Pies
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love it
I had a lot of fun making these and they also taste nice, the cream is just perfect, not too sweet at all
They were really nice the cream wasnt to sweet and the kids loved them gone in a day lol
I made these with my 2 grandsons, they loved making and eating them and asked to make them again.
These are amazing, and very easy to make, i felt like i was eating one from a bakery, but homemade fantastic product.
These look like fun and the name sounds so enticing! Have got a packet in the cupboard ready to try due to all the positive recommendations and reviews! Looking forward to it.
love these and so do the kids, easy to make and great with a cuppa or a treat
i love these they had a great taste and my daughter could make them thats how easy they are
Yum yum yum - Betty Crocker always a winner!! I loved these - so easy.
I would love to try this product; it looks children-friendly-in-the-kitchen!
I will try these I love to cook new things especially cakes
I absolutely love baking and these mixes are just so convenient! I haven`t tried this before so I`d really appreciate a sample before purchasing.
If this gets more people to bake why not! I am a bit of a diy baker though and find tht the pre mixes generally are about 3 times sweeter than I would like. Still I think its good that it allows everyone to get into the spirit of baking and whoopie pies are pretty popular in baking circles at the moment.
What a great taste and so easy to make. Everyone loves these and they look fantastic when served up for afternoon tea.
These are the best ever!!! I love them. The little cakes are divine and the cream filling is to die for. So easy to make!
my kids loved these and i worked out if you cook them for less time then they are not so dry as other people have stated and i do my own filling as the filling is quite "artificial" like moch cream which my family and i dont like, but it was a hit for a quick afternoon snack

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