0 5 0 4 21 An irresistable chocolate mousse cake mix of the highest quality from trusted brand Betty Crocker.
Betty Crocker Irresistables Chocolate Mousse Cake Mix
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so easy to make and it tasted awesome, even my grandsons loved it.
A deliciously flavoursome chocolate cake from Betty Crocker
I love the intense of the flavour it is great for when guest come around or for a snack
I tried the Betty Crocker Irresistables Chocolate Mousse Cake Mix last night as a special occasion treat. I must confess, I did not make the cake, my 13 year old did. This leaves me to comment on taste. Delicious.
absolutely decadent and delicious, this cake is very special - rich and full of flavour and texture. it`s not an "every day" cake but would be a great "special occasion" cake. i recommend it for everyone.
very yummieeee!!!! :) bakes up a storm! worth the calories!
Love chocolate mouse and Loved the fluffy and rich flavor of this..kids and i were arguing whether or not to cook it or eat batter..I won and once out of oven, it was even more delicious
I have tried other Betty Crocker cake, but not this one. I would love to give it a try
its in the pantry ready for some school holidays baking - my daughter is loving the picture of the packet and basic drooling over the cover - its from betty so its sure to be a winner.
I would like to try this. It looks yummy
I love baking but I have not try this brand... I would love to try it...
I love to bake and am always looking for new things to try this looks easy and delicious and I would love to sample this and see if it makes my regular baking list
Betty Crocker is my favourite an I hope my cake turns out like that pic
oh this sounds so nice and yummy.i am looking for different ideas and this sound like a great one.i am seriously ill and the only thing i look forward to are nice treats like this.hope i get to try thank you betty crocker and merry christmas
Have yet to try this but have a packet of it in the pantry as the reviews seemed good. Something different to try and easy to serve as a dessert at a dinner party.

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