4.4 5 0 9 9 Birds Eye Oven Bake Lightly Battered Fish have been caught and quick frozen at sea to bring all the goodness of the ocean straight to your table.
Birds Eye Oven Bake Lightly Battered Fish
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All family love battered fish. Quick and easy dinner. Nice and light batter. Tastes great. Very versatile with chips, burgers and vegetables. A favourite.
My go to easy meal
Both my husband and I love this range esp the lightly battered one because of the taste and how easy and quickly it cooks. Also very good value for money when it is on sale at the supermarket.
Quick meal
It's a product you can have in your freezer for the timer you need a quick meal. The taste is alright but not something you would eat to often. Real fish is much better and I think it would probably be a healthier choice
A chicken tender lover no more
This product right here has to be the best frozen processed fish product on the market. I was a former frozen processed chicken products lover but I have made the switch to fish. The light battering is quite tasty and is crispy if cooked right
I don't normally buy frozen fish but this one was suggested to me from a friend and I am very happy i tried it. It cooked up really nicely, had a lovely flavour and good texture.
Great tasty moist battered fish
I generally prefer the crumbed version, but I have to admit that these are great. Just as light and moist as the crumbed counterpart. The batter isn't thick and overpowering, truly light with a little crunch if oven baked and not oily. Great with some tartare sauce and chips on the side.
Great for lunch pack
I have been buying this product for a while and have been loving making a sandwich with salad out of it for my lunches. Taste really good and i usually bake them too. It doesnt tend to go soggy which i like
lovely light fillets
I regularly buy these fish fillets as they are one of our family favourites. The batter is a really good thickness and taste - gives you that 'fish and chip shop' feel without the grease. The fish inside is beautifully light and fluffy - so makes a great home made fish and chips!
Quick and convenient
Birds eye lightly battered fish is a great tasting, quick and convenient meal. It goes well with a salad or in a sandwich. If the portion sizes were bigger then they would be even better

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