4.6 5 0 49 49 The quintessential combination of spinach and fetta is flavour folklore. Try the delicate combination of baby spinach with creamy fetta with sliced cucumber or carrot and celery sticks.
Black Swan Crafted Spinach & Fetta Dip
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Make your own.
I did quite enjoy this dip but I found it a bit pricey when buying at full price. I've science resorted to making my own which I found was a much more cost effective way and doesn't have any of those nasty ingredients that you can't pronounce the names of.
This is such a great dip. It is definitely a hit when i do a dip and cheese platter. It has a great flavour and a nice texture. Plenty of ingredients and its a good size tub, never any waste with how popular it is.
Interesting Flavour
I love dips but I found this one too creamy and over powered by the chunks of fetta. It needs less fetta and perhaps a balsamic flavour to balance the strong fetta taste. Even the spinach gets lost,
this dip is addictive especially with a good savoury biscuit
Yummy dip!
My favourite from this range! Definitely keeps you coming back for more, really nice consistency and flavour.
A nice dip. Weirdly addictive as you keep going back for more. Tasty
Very very tasty, great balance or flavours. Really nice on a wrap with beef sausages and tomato sauce!
Spinach & Fetta is a winning combination in my books & I've often bought this dip to go with a cheese plate or for a snack with rice crackers. It's very moreish & well balanced in flavour & texture. Not too heavy or oily, just delicious!
Absolutely devine. Strong but pleasant spinach taste. Lovely with wholemeal type crackers. Works fabulously on a platter.
Nice tasting dip. Love the flovour, great with cheese platter.
This is a yummy all round dip. It has become my go to dip when entertaining.
Tried this at Christmas love the combination of the two flavours as I love fetta and spinach just perfect.
Tried this about 2 weeks ago, its a tiny bit peppery and very delish, had it on crackers and was loving the creamy lightness and tangy.
Delicious perfect Combo lovely with light crackers. Just a little expensive
Very tasty, I use this instead of margarine on my healthy salad sandwich,

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