4.6 5 0 48 48 The quintessential combination of spinach and fetta is flavour folklore. Try the delicate combination of baby spinach with creamy fetta with sliced cucumber or carrot and celery sticks.
Black Swan Crafted Spinach & Fetta Dip
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Love the taste and texture. Also taste great on all crackers
So nice to see a delicious dip and not the standard types most shelves are swamped with. Versatile. I toss it through pasta or rice even mixed in with eggs to make an omelette. .
Such a good dip! We get it everytime we have a platter
This is now a corner stone of our chip & dip platter. You must try this
Such a yummy dip!! It's great with a variety of other snacks such a carrot sticks or crackers and great for parties, family get togethers etc.
So delicious! Even better on crackers with ham, avocado and tomatoes
The subtle feta spinach flavours in this creamy dip have us scraping the container for every little bit.
Taste just so good. Great option for snacking time !
Love this dip. When I'm buying dip - this is the first one I get, no questions. Creamy and delicious. Hard to stop once you start!
Love spinach. Love feta. Love this. I would highly recommend this to anyone else who also does
This dips was a hit at my party most of the time .... the taste is just right too
love spinach and fetta and when I found this dip couldnt wait to try it - certainly met my expectations and pretty sure I ate most of the tub. Went really nice with a lovely SSB. Enjoy
Omgosh this stuff is so addictive! The best dip I have had in a long time. If you like feta you must try this!
Great dip! Always included in dip and cracker platters. Also great in a bread and roasted for a little.. Yum Yum!!
Absolutely divine with fresh carrot sticks! Great way to get the kids to eat their veggies!

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