4.3 5 0 20 20 Experience a sun-kissed Australian tan in just 1 hour with Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam. Infused with a scent of coconut, this ultra lightweight aerosol foam will leave your skin glowing like a day on Bondi beach.
Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express Self Tanning Foam
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Tanning god
Absolutely love this product, I use this product all 12 months as it gives my skin a glowing tan
Umpa Lumpa
Very easy application, goes on smoothly and dries reasonably quick, however when washed off it went really orange on my skin as they use a green base. There are so many other tanning products with better base colours it also doesn’t last that long compared to other tan products. I would not use Bondi sands again.
Love it
Love this product. Easy to apply as you it goes on dark so you can see where it’s been applied. Starts off looking unnatural but once rinsed off. You go a natural colour. My bottles nearly empty. Time to get a new one.
Easy to apply
Easy to apply yourself with the mit. It goes on dark so you can see where it has been applied. I found that it was light but natural looking. Would recommend if you just want a bit of colour.
Fan of Bondi sands
I've tried most of this range The 1 hour express is good for a light coverage. Once applied via the mitt, the tan appears dark, once its washed off though, the tan is light. Im already an olive so it was good for me. Easy to apply and streak free.
Unfortunately I can not give a great review The colour was very light. But it applied nicely.
I left this product on for 6hrs the first time to get zero tan. Then the NEXT day I left it on from bedtime till waking up the next morning and had the SLIGHTEST tan, and only because I am very pale. The smell isn't as bad as most tanners, but not "pleasant", but yes very easy to apply. Takes awhile to be dry to touch, atleast 3hrs. I will try the super dark one next time and see if I get a result. Luckily it was half price.
Tried and tested
Easy to apply and fragrance isn't too strong. Applied with a mitt, it goes on smooth without streaks
Easy to use
Very easy to apply as it goes on dark. I don’t love the smell but that goes with most tan. Also you have to apply carefully with a mitt as any mistakes are very noticeable.
Bondi Sands 1 Hour Express
Easy application, dries quickly, colour looks good when fully developed
easy to use
easy to use goes on smoothly and easy to see where you have already applied
Quick and easy
Really good product for a quick tan. Goes on easy and develops quickly
Bondi sands
Loved how easy it was to apply, that is coloured evenly as well
Easy to use and great colour
I love how convenient this is to use. Goes on easily, dries super quickly and leaves a natural looking tan. Not as dark as some of the other Bondi Sands tanning products, but you can layer if to darken the colour a bit! An easy option if you're in a hurry!
No more orange tan
Love this product, it's so easy to apply and doesn't leave that orange tone on my skin.

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