4.6 5 0 5 5 Made with only the best local extra virgin olive oil, aromatic pure orange zest and real cane sugar are combined to make this biscuit a delicious and authentic taste experience.
Bonvallis Cracker Orange Tortas
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This product is OK but the taste has something missing from it. Maybe it would be better with a little or sugar added to the recipe.
Great taste very moreish
I really liked these tortas, they have a great taste that kept me coming back for more. They are light and crispy great for just a snack as well as on a platter,
Bonvallis Orange Tortas
Really nice and Crispy, and a subtle Orange taste which I really liked. Great with a Cheese Platter.
Excellent with a cheese platter
Love these biscuits as they are a great compliment with a cheese platter. The flavour of the orange is not over powering & because they are individually wrapped they stay fresher.
Something Different for the Cheese Board
I loved the crisp, light texture of these tortas. The tangy orange flavour was subtle and did not overwhelm the cheeses or dips. I also loved the fact that each torta is individually wrapped for freshness. These are a constant pantry item for us.
never purchased these or this style of produce a not needed required or wanted purchase/ing/.s

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