Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief

4.6 5 0 29 29 Brauer’s Baby & Child Runny Nose contains Allium cepa traditionally used in Homeopathic medicine to relieve symptoms of hayfever and runny nose. This mild-tasting, 99% sugar-free liquid also contains added:<br> <li> Vitamin C to support immune system health <li>Vitamins B6 and B12 to support energy levels and healthy immune system <li>Betacarotene to support mucous membrane health <li>Suitable For: Suitable from 6 months of age
Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief


A natural option
I love that this product is suitable for babies as well - it works well on both my kids and it isn’t a struggle to give it to them.
Good Product
Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose Relief is the best Homeopathy medicine I found for babies. It has nil side effects. My toddler goes to day care and at least 2-3 time he has runny nose in a month. This oral is very effective. And the best part is he like the flavour of it.
Best medicine for bubs
I love that this medicine is natural and doesn't have any nasty things in it making it perfect for babies. I always use this when my little ones are a bit sick and they start feeling better straight away
Works well, nice that it’s more natural
We have used this for 2 years now and it works well for us to help assist clear a runny nose. My son happily takes it so the flavour is great for kids. A staple for the medicine cupboard especially if your children go to daycare:
Runny nose and cough
Ive used this product in my infant and toddler. It seems to help clear up congestion. I like that it specifically targets runny noses as we seem to get them a lot!
Genuinely helps
I really like their products they genuinely help. We gave this to our little girl just before bed to help ease symptoms for a better sleep. Great product, I would recommend this to any new parents.
Works Well
This product worked really well for us. I used it on my little one and it assisted in easing her runny nose. I was able to administer it to her quickly and easily and she didn't make any fuss when I gave it to her, so I assume that means that it tastes ok. My only issue is it isn't widely available at lots of stores and chemists.
Really Works
I used this for my 9-month-old and was amazed at how well it worked. My child didn't mind the flavour and it work relatively quickly! Highly recommend!
amazing for all my kids
This is a lifesaver!!! every time my kids have a slightly running noise I give them this for a day and they come good!! highly recommend!
Great product
I love this product, the kids love the taste & works well in stopping a running nose. Would recommend to family and friends.
It works!
My son will always ask for his nose medicine if he gets the sniffles, he loves the taste and tells me that it helps get rid of his drips. Will continue using this for my children.
Great Product
This product works wonders on my child, his runny nose cleared up within a couple of days.
Works well
This product does work well to reduce the time. Your child has a runny nose, but I did find that it gave my infant quite an upset stomach every time she had it.
Great taste for toddler
My toddler loves the taste of this ‘vitamin’ whenever he has runny nose. He would ask for it and prefer this one than other multivitamins out there available. It does help him dries up his runny nose. I have repurchased this many times.
It works!
We have found this product works great with the kids. The little ones don't turn away from taking it either which is half the battle with some products.

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