4.5 5 0 37 37 Bulla Greek Style Spreadable Feta Herbs & Garlic is a smooth and creamy spreadable feta cheese, made from real feta and fresh milk. Ideal for spreading on crackers, sandwiches and pita bread, this versatile cheese can also be enjoyed as a dip.
Bulla Spreadable Garlic & Herb Feta
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Amazing on toast
I love this spreadable feta on toast with Avocado or egg. It's nice and salty and so easy to spread. What a great creation.
Very flavoursome and easy to spread on crackers and is a delicious base for salmon and avocado. A hit at gatherings or for work place events where you have to find something a bit different.
Great tasting
There is not anything like this on the market, great tasting , beautiful Feta taste and so soft and spreadable too. The texture is very appealing too. Great instead of margarine or butter and can add to any recipe.
This wont last long
This is so yummy and doesn't last long in our house. So great for a quick snack on a cracker. Easy to spread & tastes delicious
Bulla Spreadable Herb & Garlic Feta
OMG, what a fabulous surprise Bulla Spreadable feta has been. We had baked spuds with this smeared on them, on crackers with tomato and mixed through some pasta. So very versatile, easy to use, great at picnics or even on the go and reasonably priced. I love feta and this is just another way I can enjoy it.
Bulla feta spread
doesnt have a strong Feta taste which is what I was looking for...so if youre looking for a delicate feta taste its good, but for me was missing some of the Feta Tang
Very convenient to use, spreads easily on bread, crackers or anything that takes your fancy.
I have tried the plain version and found it to be delicious. Creamy, rich and not too salty which I was worried about. Very convenient to use in sandwiches as well as garnishing dishes.
Tastes great on rice cakes. I loved it, my picky daughter loved it. So its a big thumbs up 👍
At last a spreadable Feta. Great on toast and crackers. Have yet to try it as a dip. As a lover of Feta, I was excited to see this spreadable variety. Love it.
Sensational..I use this for kids school sandwiches it’s an alternative to using butter..I make them ham,tomato lettuce and put this spread on sandwiches..or if you hav crackers and some of this dip..great texture flavour right on price point
I got a bit excited when I saw this product & had to try it on crackers with tomato & pepper as a mid morning snack - so creamy and lovely it was easy to spread & so light & delicious!
Bulla Greek Style Spreadable Feta Herbs & Garlic is absolutely delicious! I have tried it with biscuits, toast and on a sandwich. It is so versatile and will now always be a staple in fridge
I grab this from the supermarket just the other day and it was different to what i expected. It spreads well and tastes good but I still prefer Danish feta
I wasn't so much of a fan of this one as I was the plain variety. I'm still a bit iffy though. I will persist as I do love feta.

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