3.8 5 0 12 12 Made with a smouldering combination of flavourful ingredients to create tangy and sweet flavour.
Bull's-Eye Tangy Tomato BBQ Sauce
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I used it as a rub on my meat before roasting then as a dipping sauce after the meat was ready
Really strong
This bbq sauce is really strong. It works great as a marinade for BBQ meats.
Great as a marinade
I used this in combination with the Bullseye smokey BBQ sauce to marinate some ribs. Beautiful strong flavour. The kids loved it!
Great Taste
Great tasting BBQ Sauce. Loved it as a sauce and as a marinade.
Very Tasty!
This sauce has so much flavour! The taste is so unique and delicious! We use it on pretty much all of our hot meals from pies, steak, chips and veg. It's a refreshing change from regular boring old tomato or BBQ sauce.
Grate product cotes food very well, Tastes grat, easy to uses.
better sauces avaliable
While the product had good consistency and taste was not too strong, its imported from USA. there are much better sauces available from Aussie producers. sauce was good but wouldnt buy again due no Australian ingrediants
This sauce is so yummy. We use it on nearly all our red meat dinners. It is also great as a marinade. Not overly pricey either!
New family favorite
Rich tangy sauce the boys in my house love. Apparently goes with everything!
Tasty sauce with a touch of tangy
Tangy source goes well with steak and french fries, further it puts more flavor to hamburgers
I tried the Bulls eye smokey bacon flavoured BBQ sauce, so lovely and smokey and you can also taste the bacon flavour, it went great with my meatloaf, mixed in and glazed on the top during cooking, very full on flavor, I won't be going back to my normal BBQ sauce now since trying this.
Although I have not tried it, at first place it gives me the impression that it would be a suitable gift for somebody you just want to give a little acknowledgement to.. Like a gift to grandad from the kids, or a host gift after a barbecue, etc. It looks impressive.

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