4.1 5 0 149 149 Cadbury Biscuit bars are the perfect treat to keep handy. With a crispy biscuit on the outside, a soft chocolate hazelnut flavoured centre and a chocolate base, they are simply delectable. Individually wrapped and portioned for wherever your day takes you.
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Melts in the mouth!
Delicious, smooth, silky and melt in mouth biscuits covered in chocolate. Loved it. However a lil pricey.
God's gift to the earth
These biscuit bars are seriously tasty. They are the perfect balance of chocolate to cookie ratio. They are soft but also have a slightly chewy texture and they melt in your mouth.
Chocolate lovers
It’s a small very smooth biscuit with s crunchy outside great for snacks full of flavor
Choc crunch
I had a taste when I bought them to try. I thought them nice as a lunch box treat. I wouldn't pay full price for them though
to sweet
to sweet to eat and it was not very nice to eats. I would not buy again didn't like the taste of them either
Love them
Not only do my kids love these so do I. Creamy filling and the biscuit is just so delicious. I have tried both plain and choc and they are as good as each other. Highly recommended..
not bad
A bit expensive for what they are. I wasnt a big fan but might buy them on special and I can see they would be good for childrens lunch boxes or a treat.
Quick sweet treat
Nice but I would rather a block of cadbury chocolate anyday!!
Delicious Chocolate Bar Alternative
These are absolutely delicious. The kids love these as a treat and are great as a extra to the lunchboxes. They are great if you want a treat/indulge but don't necessarily want a chocolate bar. Definitely buying them again.
Easy snack that's tasty when your wanting a treat.
Biscuit bar
Easy tasteful snack and the kids love them 😊 fairly priced
Great School Snack
My kids love these bars. There is always a fight over the packet. Only regret is that there should be more in the box.
Not worth it...
For the price... these are pretty lack luster. Very chocolatey taste which is great, but I almost don't see the point in them? I'd rather have a block of chocolate or a proper biscuit rather than these. Seem a little pointless !
It's okay not something I would go out of my way for, as the texture was softer than I expected and the flavour didn't quite match the Cadbury chocolate I have loved for years.
Average tasting not all that nice not at all yummy

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