4.1 5 0 149 149 Cadbury Biscuit bars are the perfect treat to keep handy. With a crispy biscuit on the outside, a soft chocolate hazelnut flavoured centre and a chocolate base, they are simply delectable. Individually wrapped and portioned for wherever your day takes you.
Cadbury Biscuit Bar
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It's okay not something I would go out of my way for, as the texture was softer than I expected and the flavour didn't quite match the Cadbury chocolate I have loved for years.
Average tasting not all that nice not at all yummy
Loved in our house
My 2 year old gets this at her treat. She absolutely loves them. I’ve tried, to see if they were nice for her. The biscuit is nice and crunchy & the chocolate inside is soft & smooth 👍🏼👍🏼
Perfect lunch box treat
I got these for my husband to take to work, they are perfect for on the go and give him a nice kick of energy in the afternoon when his levels are dropping. They are a hit with my daughter aswell!
Cadbury Biscuit Bar
These yummy bars are perfect individually wrapped treats. They are great for a little pick me up or for a little treat for the kids. Cadbury chocolate is the best and this crispy biscuit also has a gooey hazelnut chocolate on the inside. What are you waiting for lovelies?
I Love these so much, they are the perfect snack when you want something sweet. they are the perfect size too. highly recommend.
Too delicious
Ohw yes now I feel in love with these too delicious
Not appealing
Kids were not impressed with these at all. Didn’t like the consistency or the filling.
Not a fan
I wasn't a fan of these because I didn't like the cake texture. But kids loved them as they are chocolate flavour
The filling was acceptable, but the cake bar itself was very non eventful. Will not be buying again.
Tasty treat
- this product could be better, my partner seemed to like them but I felt they could’ve been better quality. The “cake” itself tasted abit yuck, and not fresh tasting like you’d imagine
Taste okay
The inside filling is delicious but the actual cake just doesn’t go well with the filling I found and was a little dry. I reckon it would be better as little bite size pieces. The kids seem to love them
Would recommend
They taste just like my childhood school snack, dunkaroos. They are so convenient as they come in pack of 5. Easy on the go snack. And taste great.
Nice and crunchy
Love love love it!!nice chocolate flavour with a crunch. Perfect when you want to have something sweet or for lunchbox.
Yummy but dry
I found that the product was dry and had an odd aftertaste. However, it was a good snack and hits any sugar cravings. If the company could refresh the recipe to rectify the above issues that would be fantastic. Overall I do recommend this product.

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