4.8 5 0 69 69 Cadbury Caramello Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs with Caramello Filled Centre have been repackaged for Easter 2020. Described as a delicious milk chocolate Easter eggs with a caramel filled centre, this seasonal product is made from imported and local ingredients, and retails in a 125g pack, containing five servings.
Cadbury Caramello Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs with Caramello Filled Centre
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I have always loved Cadbury Caramello Eggs. They are absolutely beautiful. The best part is when you bite open the delicious chocolate and the gorgeous caramel runs out into your mouth. Heavenly!!
SOOO delicous
These are amazing!! The thick coating of chocolate and a generous caramel inside make for the perfect treat. I love the small egg size!
Favourite chocolate I
I love these chocolates it's very hard to stop eating them
Yummy caramel
Cadbury Caramello Milk Chocolate Easter Eggs have a yummy caramel filled centre. It tastes good and comes in a 125g pack. The packaging is attractive. I recommend this product.
Cadbury Caramello Easter Eggs
For starters who wouldn’t have tried these. When I was younger we always received a bag of these. Awesome with a cup of tea or coffee. Would be awesome if the bag had more in it. Not something you want to share with anyone
Caramel Goodness
ONG, I get so excited when these come out for water. They are a prefix mix of chocolate and caramel inside. Caramel goodness!!
I mean, of course they're great.
It's nothing ground breaking but it tastes good and it's what you would expect from caramello chocolate.
best Easter eggs
Delicious!! These are so good and moorish. Chocolate is creamy and perfect and the caramel is great. Perfect size too.
Caramello egg great for Easter great snack beat in the fridge cold 🥶 the best of all chocolate
Caramello eggs
They tasted really good,will buy again,trouble is you can’t stop at one
Perfect size for a quick snack! Love these, get every year at Easter time.
nice and creamy and gooey
Love the smoothness of the chocolate, the nice gooey caramel oozes out in your mouth and fills it with utter goodness
Just like a caramello koala
These taste just like a caramelo koala. So addictive. I could eat the whole bag.
prefect combination of caramel and chocolate. Got on Easter hunt , then got addicted. 😛
smooth creamy chocolate with luscious golden sticky caramel all in the one egg. Ate the whole packet in one go with out realising. Omg 😮

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