4 5 0 489 489 A golden blend of caramelised white chocolate.
Cadbury Caramilk
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fave treat
This is my favourite chocolate treat ever. It's smooth creamy, caramel & delicious.
Cadbury’s caramilk is one of the best chocolates out there. It tastes even better melted or in a cheesecake. It could do with being a bigger block. Everyone in the household love it
My new favourite 💜
This chocolate tastes just like they combined a dream chocolate bar & caramel together. It tastes amazing & It’s definitely worth trying.
Silky decadence
A quality chocolate which delivers on flavour and smooth texture. Very easy to eat and very addictive. Stored in the fridge works well in hot weather. I would highly recommend this chocolate.
This caramel milk chocolate is nice but its very sweet too.
Whats not to love
This is hands down my favourite chocolate its so smooth that when your eating it you don't realise you have eaten the whole block
My all time favourite
I had not tried this before, and was not convinced that caramel chocolate was a great idea.......but it is. Going through my receipts the other day I noted Caramilk is way over represented.......
Yum but sickly
I love white chocolate and caramel, but alas this was even too sweet for me! I imagine it would be delicious in a cake when melted
Soooooo good!
This is the best! So addictive and tastes just like the milk buddies we used to get when I was a kid! YUM
Love how this product blew up, everyone was talking about it and trying to get it, it was selling out as soon as it hit the shelves, it is actually easy to find and get now, still a fav treat in our house
Smooth creamy caramel chocolate!
The name describes it! Tastes good, perfect with a wind down cuppa! Really good dipping strawberries in melted caramilk! Definitely a block of gold chocolate, yum!
Not Quite There
I do like white chocolate and I do like caramel, so I did have high hopes for Caramilk. The flavour is not unpleasant - almost like condensed milk blended with a little caramel topping, but it is probably just a little too sweet. I certainly would not knock back a piece if it was offered to me, but in the end I would rather stick with white chocolate.
Too sweet !!
Looked yum... taste a bit sickly.. You would not want to eat the whole block :(
Creamy chocolate
This is a nice chocolate. It’s smooth and creamy and has a nice caramel/white chocolate flavor. Not only can you eat it by itself it’s delicious in cookies, brownies and cheesecakes. It is on the sweet side.
Best Cabury Block Ever
The taste of this chocolate is to die for. It is a favourite for myself and my family. I love the fact that it is also Gluten free as my daughter and I are both Coeliac. Out of all of the Cadbury blocks, this is one of the few that is actually safe for Coeliac's. I would highly recommend this to anyone, as long as there is some left for me.

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