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Cadbury Caramilk
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Caramilk Heaven
WOW! All i can say is AMAZING! Love the taste and flavour. Perfect in sweetness. Carmel flavour isn't too over powering but a little more wouldn't hurt either. This needs a permant place on the shelf and shouldnt be discontinued ever. Couldn't think of a better way to curb those sugar cravings than a piece or two of Caramilk.
Too sweet
I found this to be too sweet for my likings not good for me. More for sweet lovers of caramel
I honest love this chocolate, I hadn’t tried the original NZ bar so I can’t comment on how it tastes in comparison. I just know that I can’t let myself buy it because I’ll eat the whole lot in one. Definitely one of my top favourite chocolate bars
This is the only Cadbury chocolate that I actually like. So it is a once in a blue moon treat.
Absolutely love it
Loved the creamy texture , wry Morrish , loved it so did the kids!
Very much enjoyed this, did remind me of another chocolate from my childhood though, so wasn't super wowed by it.
So so happy Cadbury brought this one back here’s hoping they keep it on the shelves this time! So creamy and sweet the twirl caramilks are also just as yummy
If you like white chocolate then this is extra special. So glad Cadbury brought this back. It's creamy and milky with the touch of caramel - just heavenly!!
Favourite chocolate ever! It’s so yummy and has a different taste then normal white or milk chocolate.
Delicious & Dangerous
Bought in a moment of weakness and oh my word! Such a guilty pleasure.... delicious, not over sweet so super dangerous as the blocks can disappear quickly! Loved it!
Love it
Love the taste. It just melts in your mouth. Not an over powering taste
A taste of heaven!
There is a reason why it sells out super fast, it is the most delicious, creamy and unique flavour of chocolate. Eat it as is, melt it, bake it - it’s just super versatile and amazing!
I bought this product and was a bit sceptical but I love it! It was rich and sweet and smooth to eat, everything you want in a chocolate. Would definitely buy again and recommend to others.
Purchased twice - didn't fall in love with the caramilk flavour on the first try, but decided to give it a second chance. The flavour of the chocolate block is not overly "caramel", but rather just an overpoweringly sweet flavour that is only slightly different to white chocolate. I also found that the chocolate left a coating in the inside of my mouth that made flavours of other foods less prominent for a while after eating the caramilk.
Too good....
It’s very rich and sweet. like, you won’t eat a whole block of it in one sitting. But it is oh so good! Too bad it’s so hard to find anywhere!

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