4.4 5 0 7 7 Cadbury’s famous Cherry Ripe flavour ice confection with fine coconut pieces coated in Cadbury’s Old Gold dark chocolate.
Cadbury Cherry Ripe Ice Cream Sticks
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Different but nice
I was super excited to try these as i was hoping they were exactly like the cherry ripe icecream bars going back 20years ago! Sadly they arent anything like the original ones, no were near as creamy and the chocolate isnt as smooth & creamy either. But overall they are nice for a treat, i wouldnt pay full price for them but when they are on special its not bad value.
Nice flavour
When I heard the news about Cherry Ripe Ice cream I was super excited to try it because I like the sweet and sour Cherry ripe chocolate. The ice cream is packed with the same Cherry goodness and the chocolate coating is as good as you can expect from a high quality ice cream.
Not bad!
It is a great snack pack and i took a box to work last week so I can have one a day after lunch.I have a sweet tooth so I think the small pack is perfect and taste is good
Really yummy cherry ripe icecream
Like many of the other chocolate bars that are made into icecreams I was skeptical about how much it would taste like the bar. I was pleasantly surprised and dare I say I actually like this much much more the juicy cherry flavour with yummy coconut bits and delicious dark chocolate. Will definitely be buying this again.
Omg these are ADDICTIVE!
These taste great, so delicious and full of cherry flavour. I'm a sucker for Cherry Ripe anything! Decadent & delicious! A must try if you want to indulge!
Full of Cherry Ripe flavour
As a Cherry Ripe fan I was skeptic about its taste, but I loved it. These are the ice-cream equivalent of the chocolate. Nice texture surrounded by the yummy chocolate coating. Gave a taste to my son who also loved it. Keep them to yourself and don't share! :)
If you like CHERRY RIPE you are going to like these they are full of the CHERRY RIPE flavor very tasty and enjoyable from the first bite to the last I will definitely be buying them again

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