3.1 5 0 56 56 White Chocolate icon Cadbury Dream is pairing with your favourite seasonal inclusions to launch Cadbury Dream White Christmas – a deliciously indulgent block bursting with freeze-dried raspberries, sliced almonds and rice crisps - get in quick this will product will not last long!
Cadbury Dream White Christmas Special Edition
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Tried this when it was out for a Special Edition it was so yummy I wish it was out to buy all the time. It was tasty but not too sweet and actually tasted just like White Christmas I hope it is released again really soon
Too sweet
I’m not a crazy white chocolate fan but always like to try new Cadbury flavours. Honestly wasn’t a fan found it to sweet.
Lacking flavor
Was excited to try this but was disappointed with the flavor. The chocolate was creamy and smooth like dream chocolate but it lacked the white Christmas flavor and was a little too sweet overall.
Yes what a winner white chocolate is so silky smooth you can’t stop once you try
Omg, After trying I was over the moon .It was like dreaming of a white Christmas . Nice chunky pieces.
Nothing special
I tried this chocolate and I found it to be ok but nothing special.
Not a fan
I was eager to try this as i love white chocolate... I was quite disappointed! The texture was lumpy & had rice crispy bits, the chocolate was not at all creamy, tasted very cheap. Wont be buying again.
Seasonal flavour
Once a year is enough for this flavour. It does not have the full bodied white chocolate flavour I expected, being diluted by canberries and nuts. It sounded like a great Christmassy explosion but did not translate well. It was oddly crunchy.
Didn't like this
They were handing out samples of this at my local supermarket at Xmas time 2019 and I don't mind white choc, but this one mixed with the little sour bits of raspberry I think, just doesn't go together, it would be better if they had used dark choc, but the white is so delicate the red sour bits overtook the rest of it, definitely not on my xmas list for this year.
I thought this was delicious! One thing I wasn’t too sure about was the crispy rice bits in it. There was a lot of them, maybe if there was a little less it would have been better. Could have used more coconut because there’s no such thing as too much coconut.
Great concept, very sweet.
I LOVE this in very small portions. Being white chocolate means it’ll be very sweet to begin with but the added flavours are also particularly sweet. Texture was great. Kids loved it. It had a winters festive feel but that’s a bit lost on us given we’re Australian- haha!
To sweet
After hearing all the hype about this new Cadbury chocolate I was super excited to try. I was dissapointed in the taste as it was far to sweet and the ingredients did not go with the dream chocolate.
Bit dissapointing
I was so excited to try this chocolate! Originally saw it in a service station so was on the hunt for a block that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Once I found it I was so disappointed! It is so sweet it's sickening. The nuts weren't great. To many rice crispies and I don't actually remember eating any raspberry. Struggled to finish a row and only did because there was no other chocolate in the house. I'm sure there's someone out there that would like it and it's not totally inedible that's why I'm giving it 3 stars
Bit too sweet
Had a difficult time finding it, but got one and first few squares were nice but couldn't eat more. Too sweet. On the upside it helped me not eat the whole block in one go
not for me
was excited to try but was a little disappointed to be honest. decided its not for me

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